Alive // Harry Styles


4. Chapter 3

Lyric's POV

Staring at my phone in disbelief, I didn't even notice when Harry walked in. Standing up immediately, he snatched the phone from me at an non human speed and crushed it in his hand.

"Hey!" I complain taking a step towards him. When i saw his eyes I quickly took a couple of steps back. They were blood red.

The next thing I know I'm thrown on the bed and then Harry runs out of the room slamming the door and locking it after him. Groaning in frustration I throw the pillows across the room. "Asshole" I screamed standing up. Picking up the lamp the was the closer I ripped the cord from the wall and threw it at the door. Walking over to his dresser I yanked one of the draws open and started tossing his clothes everywhere. It was good to let my anger out. Picking up the expensive looking be that was sitting on the dresser, I dropped it letting it shatter near my feat. Luckily enough, there was a hidden key inside. Smiling to myself, I carefully picked it up and made my way over to the door and unlocked it. After shoving the key in my pocket I made my way down stairs trying to remember where the front door was. After a while of wondering around I finally found the front door.

Running over to it, I turned the door nob and took a step into the cold night air. Taking no time in taking in the scenery I sprinted North, carefully avoiding the roots of trees that were sticking out of the ground.

Of course their house had to be in the middle of the fucking woods. Stopping to take a few deep breaths, I took a quick look around. Nothing but trees. Groaning I continued running.

Gasping in surprise as I tripped, I quickly so up again only to run into something, and hard. Looking up I stumbled back as the curly haired man stalked towards me.

When my back hit the cold, rough tree, I slid down to the doors and wrapped my arms around my knees.

"Get up!" he growled, only for me to try and get smaller. "I said get up!" He yelled grabbing my fore arm and yanking me up so that I was standing.

"Please don't, I'm sorry" I sobbed as I kept my eyes locked at the ground. Stupid overactive tear ducts!

His grip on my arm only tightened on my arm as he grabbed my chin and pulled it up. He growled before throwing me over his back as he stated running. I pounded my fists against his back. "Let me go!" I yelled repeatedly until he put me down.

And we were in the house again, in the same bedroom I woke up in. He placed my on the ground carefully and I huffed in annoyance. I could feel his eyes burning holes into my back, and it was only adding to my mood. "What?!" I yelled spinning around, my hands balled into fists at my side. His eyes changed back into their normal shade of green and he took a step closer to me. "Why am I here? Don't you understand that I don't want to be here?" I yelled while slamming my fists against his chest as I tried to push him away.

After a while, he grabbed my wrists which only resulted in me thrashing around in his grip once again. Harry pushed me against the wall forcefully, holding both my hands above my head with only one of his hands. "Stop" He said, his voice gentle. His face was only inches from mine, yet I couldn't feel his breath on my face.

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice hoarse as I held back the tears, pushing down the lump that was in my throat.

"You" He said. His lips pressed against mine hungrily as he closed his eyes. The weird thing was that I didn't try and get away, I didn't want to. My lips moved in sync with his as my eyes closed. When he lets go of my hands I hesitantly moved my hands t his head, tangling my fingers in his hair. His arms wrapped around me waist as he pulled me closer. Only when I felt his fangs brush against my bottom lip did i come back to reality and push his away. When he opened his eyes, they were red. In all hosestly, it scared the shit out of me when he was like this. o

Whe the door wung open, I jumped slightly. The four other men ran in the room with smiles of their faces. "I don't think we've been properly introduced. My names Louis." The one that Harry beat the shit out of said. He looked perfectly fine, which made a frown find it's way to my face. I opened my mouth to say something but I closed it quickly and gave him a small smile.

"Niall" the blonde with an Irish accent said with a cheeky grin. I giggled slight;y.

"Zayn" The one with black hair and a blonde streak said. His face stayed emotionless which made me feel slightly uncomfortable.

"And I'm Liam." He said with a smirk. Of course we had met before.

"Great to meet you?" I said as if it sounded like a question. Suddenly I was tackled into a bear hug from Louis which made me wince slightly due to my stomach. Louis put me down with a guilty expression on his face.

"Here" Liam said as he appeared in front of making me jump slightly. When he went to place his hand on my stomach I reluctantly stepped back out of fear. "I'm not going to hurt you" He said with a small smile. Nodding my head, I stayed still as he lifted the bottom of my shirt and placed his hand on the purple bruise. I flinch slightly at how cold his hand was but quickly recovered. I watched in awe as the bruise started slowly fading, and then it was gone.

'Wow" I said as he took his hand away. "Okay?" I said a little confused which only made him chuckle.

"You still haven't told her Harry?" He questioned before going back and standing next to Zayn. "Well, we'll let you explain." And with that they all left the room at an unhuman speed, closing the door behind them.

"Well, tell me then." I said impatiently as I turned to look at Harry.

"You might like to take a seat." Harry said as he move his hand towards the bed.

"No, I'm going to stand her until you tell me." I said stubbornly as I folded my hands over my chest.

"Stop being so difficult and sit on the fucking bed." He growled grabbing my shoulders and forcing me to sit down.

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