Alive // Harry Styles


2. Chapter 1

Lyric's POV

"Mum, i'm home!" I yelled as I shut the door, dropping my bag but the kitchen before opening the fridge. "Damn it, we're out of milk" Closing the fridge door, I started my way up the stairs and towards my bedroom. About half way there, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Pulling it out, I smiled at the message.

I miss you - Zac

Giggling, I replied back to him

It's been 10 minutes - Lyric

I know babe, come back -Zac

Smiling, I ran back down the stairs, grabbed my bag and made my way towards his house. It was dark out, but I liked it. There was very little traffic which made it peaceful. Most girls my age would be scared to be out on their own at this time of the night, but i wasn't.

When I finally reached his front door, I lightly knocked. Within a few seconds, the door swung open and i was pulled into his chest. The familiar smell of his shirt made me feel safe and at home. "You shouldn't be out on your own when it's dark." He said pulling me inside and closing the door. Shrugging I collapsed on the leather seat and looked up at the ceiling. However, the ceiling soon turned into Zac's face as he climbed on top of me. "Only half an hour." He said, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on my lips.

A blush found it's way to my face as I remembered what he was reminding me about. Not only was it the first day of a New Year tomorrow, but it was also Zac and I's One year anniversary. We had well, planned something. "Well, since we have thirty minutes to spare, what do you wanna do?" I asked while wrapping my arms around his neck.

"We could start cooking something?" He said while shrugging his shoulders and smirking. This boy, he knows me to well.

"Do I even need to answer?" I question while gently pushing him off of myself and making my way to him kitchen while holding his hand.

"Cookies or cupcakes" He said opening his cupboard.


After Zac put the cookies in the over, he glanced at his watch. His eyes widened as he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him as he ran out of the front door. He held both my hands in his as we both looked at the sky. Bright colours started filling the once darkness above us as loud clapping sounds came with them. Looking back at Zac, I blushed realizing he had been staring at me.

"Happy New Year babe" he said while leaning in. As his lips got closer to mine, hands appeared at the side of Zac's face before his head snapped to the left with a snapping sound before he fell to the floor lifeless. A scream escaped my throat as I stumbled back, falling to the floor.Crawling backward, I stopped when my back hit the cold wall of the house. Looking up, I saw a man with ghostly pale skin, red eyes and a mop of curly hair.

When he took a step towards me, I pulled my knees to my chest as I tried to make myself as small as possible. My eyes widened as four other men appeared at his side, faster than you could click your fingers.

"What have you done?" The one with blonde hair and an Irish accent asked. He bent down beside me, placing a hand on my shoulder. A sudden flash of tiredness made my eyes slowly close as I was surrounded by darkness.


Opening my eyes, I pushed myself into a sitting position and scanned my surroundings. I was on a king sized bed, two black bedside tabled sat at either side with a lamp on them, a black dresser with draws was directly in front of the bed, to the left was two small doors which were open leading into a walk in closet, next to the walk in closet was a large bookshelf which was full. The room was larger than my lounge room back home. Swinging my legs off the edge of the bed, I noticed a small pile of books on the floor.

Standing up, it took a while for my vision to focus, but when it did, I made my way towards the door. When I turned the door nob, nothing happened. It was locked. Sighing, I made my way towards the bookshelf. Skimming my fingers over them as I read the titles, I stopped at one of my favourites. The Silence of the Lambs. Sure it was quiet a strange book, but it was intriguing. Pulling it out, I opened the covers and looked frowned when i saw writing.

The door opening was enough of a surprise for me to drop the book. Looking over, I saw the man with curly hair. Images started flashing in my mind as I remember what happened, He killed Zac. When he took a step towards me, I quickly took a step back. In a flash he was standing right in front of my, his body pressed against mine. My breathing quicken as he brought his hand up and lightly touched my cheek. Flinching, i took multiple steps back until my back hit the wall. "I'm not going to hurt you Lyric." He said taking a step forward."I promise"

"W-why should I trust you?" I asked, my voice below a whisper.

"Have I given you a reason to think that I will hurt you?" He asked taking another step forward.

"You k-killed Zac." I said as a tear rolled down my cheek.

I watched as his fists tightened and his emerald green eyes turned a dark red. He moved quicker than human until he was in front of me, his fist slamming into the wall besides my head. "He didn't deserve you." he spat. A sob escaped my throat as he pushed me further into the wall. Another tear escaped my eye and I flinched as he brought his hand up. Carefully, he wiped the tear away with his thumb and I watched as his eyes turned back to a beautiful emerald green. "I'm sorry" he said taking a few steps back.

"What are you?" I asked while taking a small step forward out of curiosity.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." He said with a small chuckle.

"Try me." I said, wiping my nose with the sleeve of my shirt.

His facial expression turned deadly serious "I'm a vampire."

Hehe, so what do ya think so far??

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