Alive // Harry Styles


1. AN


This story does contain strong language, violence and sexual scenes.

You have been warned, read at own risk.

Lyric Dawn hasn't been the most outgoing or confident person, but she has her ways of attracting unwanted attention.

Haunted by a terrible past, she's never been happy or strong but can one person change that, or make her feel worse.

"Happy New Year babe" he said while leaning in. As his lips got closer to mine, hands appeared at the side of Zac's face before his head snapped to the left with a snapping sound before he fell to the floor lifeless. A scream escaped my throat as I stumbled back, falling and crawling backwards until my back hit the cold wall. Looking up, I saw a man with ghostly pale skin, red eyes and a mop of curly hair.

This was not the first chapter, just to be clear. But it is kind of like a taster so you know what it will be like.

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