The Runaways

This is a story about kids who ranaway and found each other in nearby woods, will they survive on their own, how will they like each other, can they work together? read to find out..


1. Intro/ You think?


Anna Cleveland

Age: 14

Hair: Brown and short, straight.

Physique: Short, thin, fit.

Personality: Fun loving, bad home-life, good in school, stressed a lot, does track

Popular?- no popular, but not unpopular, in-between

Bestfriend(s): Sarah Maxwell, Lacey Starewide, and Thomas Murrin


Sarah Maxwell

Age: 16

Hair: Long, dirty blonde, curly 

Physique: 5ft. 4, thin, fit

Personality: Cheerleader, no other sports, tutors kids who struggle in school, gets really good grades

Popular?- Yes, very

Bestfriend(s): Anna, Lacey, Travis


Lacey Starewide

Age: 16

Hair: Long, Very blonde, curly/wavy(not crazy curly)

Physique: tall, thin, muscular, fit

Personality: Hangs with her friends/boyfriend a lot, cheer captain, gymnast, good grades

Popular?- Yes, most popular

Bestfriend(s): Sarah, Josh, Kayla


Kayla Bisterri

Age: 16

Hair: Short, blonde, straightened

Physique: short, fit

Personality: Loves being with her friends, cheerleader, dancer, and softball, okay in school

Popular?- somewhat- friends with Lacey

Bestfriend(s): Sarah, Lacey, Anna, Thomas




Thomas Murrin

Age: 13

Personality: Active, skateboards, lives in a neighborhood

Sports: Baseball, basketball, and soccer

Popular?- not really

Bestfriend(s): sarah, Travis


Travis Murrin

Age: 15

Personality: Active, drivers Ed, hangs with friends

Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Track & Field, and Swim

Popular?- somewhat

Bestfriend(s): Sarah, Thomas, and Josh


Josh Cleveland


Personality: Active, loves sports, dates Lacey

Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Swim

Popular?- yes, very

Bestfriend(s): Lacey, Travis, Thomas, and Sarah


Chapter 1:

Lacey's P.O.V.

"But mom, I have to go to Josh's house tonight, we're all hanging out together," Lacey told her mom.

"Lacey, I have told a million times I don't think they're a good influence on you, and you know I don't tolerate "buts" so go to our room now!" is how her mom responded. 


(Text convo between Lacey and Josh)

Josh: hey lace, u comin' 2nite?

Lacey: sry Josh, my mom "grounded" me again, said she didn't think u guys r a good influence on me

Josh: weird, i kinda wanta run away from my house rite now 2, my mom and dad r being really mean and crabby lately

Lacey: lets go 4 it, tell the others 2 pack up, we'll bring our cells though rite?

Josh: yea, we will, lets do it tomorrow at 5 am, ill tap @ ur window k?

Lacey: good

*end convo*

Wow, that sounds so cool, I know we're only like, 16, but I think it will be cool. I've packed everything i can into 2 big backpacks, I think I'm ready now, it's only 8 but I need all the rest I can get, I'm going to bed now.


A/N: hey guys, whoever YOU are, I hop you like this story, I have a lot of ideas. I hope it's ok i got right to the point with that chapter, all well, I needed to write, so since it's summer, I will check this a lot. 





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