The Runaways

This is a story about kids who ranaway and found each other in nearby woods, will they survive on their own, how will they like each other, can they work together? read to find out..


3. In the woods :O

                                           Anna's POV

I had to follow him, he luckily didn't catch me spying on them, I am so gonna tell. Mom would be furious and he'd be grounded for a year! But, then he would want to runaway even more! There is no good thing to do but follow him. I mean yeah, I'll get in trouble, but, I've gotta get someone else to go with me. I really need to pack to. He seemed anxious around me though, almost time to go, he had said into the phone, almost ready!


                                              Kayla's POV

I totally had Josh wrapped around my finger if only he knew I had asked his sister to stay home for him, he'd maybe even want me in bed. I mean, I always called Lacey my "bestie for the resties" but, of course it was just a scam to get popular and steal her long-term boyfriend. I would die for Josh, he' the cutest and word is, he would do anything to get in bed with SHORT blondes. I also heard he keeps it away form Lacey since she's tall, and would get jealous. If only she knew about me planning on Josh. I am not a virgin since 6th grade with my short-term boyfriend Alex Carr, we hadn't started puberty though and I never did since then. I guess in a way I might be a virgin still, but I don't think Josh is. That's when I was pulled out of my thoughts by my phone ringing.

*Convo with Kayla and Josh*

J:Hey girl, r u coming with?

K: You know it babe!

J: Did u call me babe?

K: No, of course not, u have a girlfriend.

J: Anyways I was wondering if u want me to pick u up first or last.

K: Always first for you! Joshie baby

J:Huh? whatever uh so its a "time"?

K: Of course, But I was thinking maybe I could come over now and hang-out until we leave?

J: you've been acting awfully strange lately K, r u ok? But sure of course u can comeover I'm in my room so come up byway of the balcony. 

K: Got it sweetie c u soon!!

*end convo*

I totally had him clueless now for my plan to go into action.


                             Josh's POV

I wonder why Kayla was acting so strange I hope she is over that crush on me she had a couple months ago. She is SO full of herself she needs to get over it. I don't like her though and I hope she doesn't believe the "Short Blondes in Bed" rumors about me, it's so not true, I'm all for abstinence and Lacey would be 1st. Wait, that's kind of gross. I don't even know yet myself, I hope Kayla won't try me! Yuck!!


                                    A/N :

Hope everyone liked the chapter, so be sure to favorite and like, I'm new at this but I am getting more comfortable!  Please, 83 views for next chapter!



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