The Runaways

This is a story about kids who ranaway and found each other in nearby woods, will they survive on their own, how will they like each other, can they work together? read to find out..


4. Actually Rounding them up to go into the woods:P

Kayla just knocked on my balcony door, whew, I hope I survive this! I get up and let her in, she is wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, nothing too nice, I mean, it is the woods. Kayla turned out to be not on me like I thought, she acted like a good friend should, we talked, laughed, and everything, then, my mom walked in, right on time, and said it was time for Kayla to go home, I said yeah, and that I should probably drive her, I didn't want my mom to be too distraught and think I was dead or something. So, I left a note on my bed saying:

Dear Mom,

I believe you have been too harsh on me lately, I wanted a break, you shouldn't be the one to control me anymore. I'm older now, so I am leaving, I may come back, I have my phone, if you wish to contact me, keep paying for my line on the plan. You will hear word from other people that their children are missing, not everyone will leave notes, please do not come looking, we will send 1 text each day to each parent, separately, letting you know we are alive, if one parent does not get a text one day, they need to contact other parents before taking action, if every parent confirms that no-one said anything about their child, they are free to call in to the police, saying we went on a long-term camping trip. That must be clear. I really do love you mom, if you think this is bad, just think about me killing myself instead, isn't this a better alternative where we can communicate, I promise to read all of your texts as long as there aren't overwhelming amounts.

                              I may see you soonish,


Now, I just have to get everyone. 




I had extra things of gas in the back, and the tank was full when Kayla and I left the house. We went and got Lacey first of course, she went down the tree that is right outside her window and had taken her bags with her somehow. Next, we went to get Sarah, and she was sitting on her front porch, Huh, I wonder how she got out without anyone noticing, all well. as long as she did. Lastly, we went to get Travis, but I noticed 2 kids coming behind him, a girl and a boy. I shook it off and we headed towards an old car trail in the woods. We kept going farther and farther, and then we saw it, and them, again.


A/N: Hey guys! I would like 100 views and 1 like for the next chapter, big cliffhangers at the end, comment if you think you know what it is, i will respond to all comments, of any kind. Thank You!


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