A Thousand Miles

How can you run from something thats in your blood?

The first chapter has the full story, so read that! :)


4. Chapter 2

**Darkness.  Complete and utter darkness.   Chyna moaned, and tried to shake herself awake.  She winced as a sharp pain entered her skull.  “Calli?” She called weakly.  “Calli, are you okay?”

“Chyna? Oh, thank God.” Zayn? With an effort, Chyna turned her head, and blinked.  The tall boy scooted his chair close to her. “How do you feel, love?” He asked gently, smoothing her hair.  Chyna blinked slowly, fighting back the darkness licking the corners of her sight. 

“Like I got run over by a truck.” She rasped.  Zayn smirked, but Chyna could tell he was trying too hard to smile.  “What’s wrong?” She whispered.  “Tell me.” She tried to sit up. “Calli—where’s Calli?” Zayn’s brown eyes widened slightly, and he gently pushed her down again.

“Chy, you need to rest, love.  Don’t try to sit up, you’ll get all dizzy.”

“Where is my sister, Zayn?” She pleaded with him with her eyes.  “Tell me where my sister is.” Zayn bit his lower lip. “Zayn Javaad Malik…”

“Chyna…” Zayn sighed. “Don’t make me—“ Suddenly, Chyna noticed Liam sitting on the floor, outside the door, with his head in his hands. With a grunt, she pushed herself on her elbows. 

“Liam!” She croaked.  “Liam, where is she? Where’s Calli?” Liam turned slowly, and the second that Chyna saw his tear filled eyes, she knew. “No. No! “

“Chyna, calm down!” Zayn urged.  Liam just looked at her.  He didn’t say a word, just stared sadly at her. 

“Liam, please!” Chyna wailed. “Tell me that it’s not true! Tell me Callie is okay! Please, Liam, please!” Liam didn’t even reply.  He just turned back to staring at the wall.  Chyna dropped her face into her hands and wept.  Zayn wrapped his arms around her shoulders and she sobbed into him. “Zayn…please…tell me it’s not true… please…make this go away…” Her voice sounded like a small child’s, and Zayn sighed. 

“I wish I could, love.  I wish I could.” **


Chyna threw a stone into the rushing creek behind her grandmother’s house.  She set her chin on her knees and sighed.  She missed LA, but there was no way she could go back there.  Not after Calli.  After her sister’s funeral, Chyna had decided to take a break from music—for good.  She couldn’t write songs for anyone other than her sister—and Calli was gone.  She wasn’t coming back.  Chyna lobbed another stone into the creek, watching it splash loudly.  “Chyna…Chyna! Come on, dear, it’s time for dinner!” She heard her grandmother calling.  Chyna sighed, and got up, trotting toward her grandmother’s bed and breakfast.   Time for another boring day in Love’s Lane, Nevada.  

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