A Thousand Miles

How can you run from something thats in your blood?

The first chapter has the full story, so read that! :)


3. Chapter 1

“LOUIS! LOUIS, OVER HERE!” “I love you, Louis!” “Oh, my gosh, he’s even hotter in person!” “Louis, marry me!” Louis Tomlinson grinned to hear the squeals of the teenage girls surrounding his hotel.  He waved out the window, and the girls screamed even more.  Simon Cowell, his manager, sighed. 

“Louis, are you even listening to me?”

“Yeah, mate, sure.” The young pop star said absentmindedly, waving to the girls again. They screamed even louder, proclaiming their undying affection for the young English lad.

“Then what did I just say?” Simon growled.

“You asked if I was listening to you.” Louis sassed, shooting Simon an annoyed look.

Before that, Louis.”

“I dunno, something about…something.”  Louis’ eyes raked up and down a particularly curvy girl’s figure as Simon pulled him down the hall.  The girl flipped her hair in his direction, and Louis grinned, pulling away from Simon. ”Whoa.  I likey little miss Brunette over there.” He whistled, and the girl turned.  “Hey, hot stuff!” He winked, and the girl huffed, then rolled her eyes.  Simon gave an exasperated noise, and grabbed Louis’ ear, dragging him down the hall. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Si, I need that ear! To like, hear out of!”

“Louis Tomlinson, you are such an ar—“ Simon cut himself off with a loud sigh, and pushed the younger boy into his hotel room.  “Never mind.  It is not worth the breath.” Louis grinned and flopped down onto the bed, putting his arms behind his head. “Louis, I realize that you are excited to start a tour, but that does not give you the right to act like you have been acting.”

“Whatever.” Louis snorted.

“Look, I am in charge of you while you're on the road, but you have to work with me here.  Please, you must be more polite. Just because you are a superstar does not mean that you have the right to talk to me like I am nothing more than a servant!“ Louis yawned loudly, and a muscle leapt across Simon’s jaw line.  He took a deep calming breath as Louis flipped on the TV and grinned. 

“In other news, pop star Louis Tomlinson has been spotted in downtown NYC at the Rican hotel, much to the joy of teenage girls everywhere.  The eighteen year old is here to perform at New York’s renowned Madison Square Garden, opening for the Australian pop band Five Seconds of Summer.  Louis’ talent for singing was discovered by Simon Cowell of London, who has since then taken the young pop star under his wing…Tickets are available through Ticketmaster—“

“Louis! Are you listening to me? I am talking to you!” Simon slapped his hand down on the button of the TV, shutting it off.  Louis gave Simon a bored look. 

“Do you ever get tired of not using contractions? It’s not hard, mate.”

“’It’s not hard, mate.’” Simon mimicked in a growl. Louis suddenly burst out laughing. “Do not say it, Louis. Do not—“

“That’s what she said!” Louis howled, then rolled off the bed, landing on the floor with a thump.  Simon sighed, turned around, and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.  Louis peeked up, then grinned.  “I flipping love my life.”



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