A Thousand Miles

How can you run from something thats in your blood?

The first chapter has the full story, so read that! :)


1. A Thousand Miles

Sixteen year old Chyna and Calli Parker have it all.  Calli has a voice of an angel, and Chyna's piano playing skills are unmastered anywhere else in the music buisness.  

Chyna and Callie Parker are the perfect team--Callie is outgoing, bubbly, and basically a people person, while Chyna is content to stay in the back, with her piano and guitar, writing songs.  She tries as hard as she can to stay out of the spotlight, instead allowing her sister to take most of the glory. 

Chyna and Callie Parker are each other's best friends.  No one has ever gotten between them....and no one ever will.  They would die for each other--one is rarely seen without the other. 

Until the unthinkable happens.

Suddenly, 'Chyna and Callie Parker' become 'Chyna Parker'.   After a horrible accident, her sister is gone.  Chyna disappears from the puplic eye, back to her grandma's hometown of Love's Lane, Nevada, USA--vowing never to get involved with public music again.  

But how can you run from something that's in your blood?

Eighteen year old Louis Tomlinson is still getting used to the crowds and the screaming and...well, the insanity of being famous.  Being billed as the 'next Justin Bieber', Louis' phenominal voice has gotten him noticed by almost the entire world....and his looks have caught the attention of most of the worlds teenage girls.  For a boy who grew up in Doncaster his entire life, the switch from a small England town to LA was quite a twist.  At first.  

But the English pop star is getting a little bit of a big head, so to get him calmed down, his manager, Simon Cowell sends him to a little town in Nevada--Love's Pain....or something like that.  A town with only 1,500 people? And no WIFI???

I'm going to die.

It seems inevitable that  Louis and Chyna meet--but Chyna wants nothing to do with the stuck up, strange haired boy that comes prancing into town with his little group of friends that do his bidding. Louis wants nothing to do with the strange silent blonde haired girl who seems to appear and disapear at complete random--until he figures out that she can sing.  And play the piano.  And the guitar.  And write songs.  She, however, refuses to sing in front of people anymore.  She isnt like that any more.  

Louis decides to set out and change her mind.  He's desperate to show the world this girl's apparent talent.  But will the 'Hollywood It-Boy' end up falling for this small town girl? 

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