One shot romances

Your own one shots written from me


2. LDR

Long distant relationship

It was finally the day before the day that he would come to the UK. She had been waiting months since he said he was coming. Her room was tidied up, the presents to him was laying at her desk, her necklace he gave her was around her slender neck. She had never been so nervous and exited at the same time like this. They found each other 2 years ago on Instagram. Then after some months they were totally in love with each other. She still remember the day he told her his feelings. It was like a dream come true. 

She was laying in her bed skyping with him and she was about the fall asleep when she heard the words come out of his mouth. I. love. you. Her eyes opened and he began blushing. I love you too. She said and smiled to him. And then they feel asleep next to each other. 
Now she was lying in her bed trying to fall asleep, but it is not easy to fall asleep when ones tommy is twisting and turning from nervousness and excitement. 
It was 1 am. And she should have been sleeping hours ago because his plane was landing 5 am. So she needed to sleep to be fresh.
"Sweetie, wake up, we have to go and get Mike from the airport in one hour" her moms voice said in and exiting tone. Her mom loves Mike. She rolled out of bed and quickly found the clothes she was going to have on. 
When did I fall asleep she asked herself. Oh well never mind. She showered and got the clothes on. She ran downstairs to get some breakfast before they headed to the airport.
The trip to the airport took hours, well not really, that was what she felt when they were driving. Her tommy was twisting and turning twice as much as last night. It was like having a bad period cramp, except for the excitement part. She had never felt like this before. 

The boys name is Mike, he is from Australia and is 19 years old. He loves animals and has two twin dog sisters Lucy and Lucky. 
He had a snake, but gave it to the zoo because it was to big of a job to handle. He goes to school and helps his dad at his ranch. His mom and dad is divorced.

The girls name is Alice, she is from the UK and is 18 years old. She loves dogs but hate cats. She works at a fashion design company as their youngest designer. She has a punk style with a twitch of feminine style in it. She goes to school, a design school. 

The doors to the arrivals opened and people from the plane began to walk out. Her eyes was glued to the doors, then she saw him, he was more good looking in person than over Skype. They got eye contact, her blue eyes meet his brown. 
They both began smiling like crazy people. She ran over to him and jump into his arms wiggling her legs around his waist. His hand supported her under her bum so she wouldn't fall down. Her arms around his neck hugging him like crazy. She pulled away, but let her legs be around his waist. They looked each other in the eyes. 
Tears was falling from her eyes as much as they were falling from his. Their heads were slowly getting closer to each others, and then their lips met. It was like a dream come true. He was really in UK and she was happy as heaven. As the week went by their relationship got better and when the week has over were they officially girlfriend boyfriend. 
She was sad, because she knew he was going to go home soon and she didn't want him to go. 

Then one day she woke up to get licked in the face. Lucy and Lucky was sitting in her bed, their tails wagging. She looked to her side to meet a pair of brown eyes. "What are they doing here" she asked mike tired. "They are visiting" he answered and smiled. 
"What, all the way from Australia" she asked confused. "No all the way from down the street" he said and smiled more. "What do you mean" she asked. "I moved to England with my mom 1 month ago" he said. "What" she
yelled and jumped out of bed, startling the two dogs. "I was only in Australia to be together with my dad before school starts here in England" he said and smiled. "So you are the one that moved into the old house on the corner" she asked him with a big big smile. "Yep" he answered. She hugged him. "That's the best present ever" she said and smiled. They looked into each other's eyes and kisses. 
"I love you" he said and smiled to her.
"I love you more" she answered and smiled. 
"No I love you more" he said and gave her a serious look.

The end



So what do you think about it? Please write in and I will write you one. :) 

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