Movella's Scavenger Hunt

Hi guys! After the truth or dare game which you may or may not know about, Pocky and I have been pretty sad that no one's been chatting with us since then, so we've come up with an idea for a Movella's Scavenger Hunt of which the entire Movellas Community can get involved in! Details of how it works are down below, so sign up and let's have some fun! (Also, I'd like to thank C.H. Potter for the brilliant cover, so fan her!)


8. The First Clue

So, this is it. The start of the hunt.

I'm sure you all know the rules and whatnot, so let's skip the formalities and get down to business.

However, I'd like to firstly just inform all teams that a clue leads to the next clue which keeps going until the final clue. There are 13 clues in total, and you'll know when you've found a clue by the following:

SHC (Scavenger Hunt Clue) No.(number)

Eg. SHC No.4

And so on.



Guys, I had the clues all prepared since a week ago. However, many of the clues required the cooperation of other movellians, many of which have failed me. From this, I've learned that I can't trust those people anymore, which is sad!!!!

As such, the first few clues are now gone. I've had to remove them from the hunt. Well, we've already gone 20 minutes overtime, so I guess it's alright. But still, I'm so sad and disappointed and angry so I'm sorry to everyone who's been waiting patiently. 

Here's the first clue:



The person has just responded! Ignore the last comments! This first clue is now:


SHC No.1

Solve the code and you shall have your clue...


Akulet craie

Keyword: anime


So, there you go. I wish all participants the best of luck! But most importantly, have fun!


- Night

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