Movella's Scavenger Hunt

Hi guys! After the truth or dare game which you may or may not know about, Pocky and I have been pretty sad that no one's been chatting with us since then, so we've come up with an idea for a Movella's Scavenger Hunt of which the entire Movellas Community can get involved in! Details of how it works are down below, so sign up and let's have some fun! (Also, I'd like to thank C.H. Potter for the brilliant cover, so fan her!)


3. Regarding Co-authors

So guys, we've had quite a few applicants, which I'm very pleased about. I was very scared no one would like this idea but from what I can see, it's considerably well-received of which I thank you all for! Now, regarding co-authors.


Lately, Pocky and I have been brainstorming clue ideas and we've come to the conclusion that we should be quite fine with just the two of us at the moment. Also, four people might be a bit too much as there's not really that much to do and the actual process isn't that hard. 


If anyone's noticed, we've already asked Mirlotta to co-author, as we thought that since she seems rather experienced with competitions and prizes and such, her input would be very valuable in the making of this movella. However, once everything is sorted, we're planning on sticking to just me and Pocky. However, that does not mean you can't still apply!!! Things are pretty calm now, but who knows how chaotic things will get in the future and at that time, Pocky and I will already have a whole list of capable people to choose from to invite.


I deeply apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. I truly am sorry, even when we already said so and everything. However, the up side is that people who have applied for a co-author position are now able to apply for a participant position! I don't want to restrict that of you guys, so if you did apply apply for a co-author position, feel free to team up with someone and apply.


Once again, I offer my most profound apologies. Thanks for understanding!

- Night.

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