Movella's Scavenger Hunt

Hi guys! After the truth or dare game which you may or may not know about, Pocky and I have been pretty sad that no one's been chatting with us since then, so we've come up with an idea for a Movella's Scavenger Hunt of which the entire Movellas Community can get involved in! Details of how it works are down below, so sign up and let's have some fun! (Also, I'd like to thank C.H. Potter for the brilliant cover, so fan her!)


2. Applicants

Current Applicants:


Team #Splits: 

Kaylie Berkley and Lianna G Berkley


Team Lashton:

AshtonsBoo and Djcat


Team Fouriah:

Raven711 and I'mNotReadyForThis


Team ?:

Lily Anna Nightshade and Kennedy Shadownight


Team Winners:

Fluttershy Starlight and DirectionersLuvIcecream


Team Tommo: 

GabBones and Horan Girl


Team Nova:

Lia da slurg and Super Nova


Team MyPizza:

Rose Weasley and RainbowDashicorn


Team Nialler:

Willow Pierce and Livin Life


Team Fishy:

MaverickEggMuse and Rodrigo.R.R Goldlight


Team #Gintora:

DragonSoulJess and Louise Mcbear


Team Evening:

Hope Scarlette and Evelyn Shadownight


Team Caleo:

Sparrow3183 (Slurg) and FunSizedAsian


Team Chicken:

Tori-BS the Slurg and Hope and Faith


Team Hunters:

Panic! with the Sirens and Glacier Ice


Team ?:

T.J Bloomer and Queen of Darkness


Team Haymish:

Tomato. and Chloe_123_x


Team Evelohn:

Pikachunicorn and butterflygrl


Those looking for a partner:



If I've missed a team, my apologies! Just tell me.

Also, can those who have not decided their team name please decide on it ASAP?

As you can  see, there are quite a few applicants already, but applications are still open so just comment down below to apply!


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