Movella's Scavenger Hunt

Hi guys! After the truth or dare game which you may or may not know about, Pocky and I have been pretty sad that no one's been chatting with us since then, so we've come up with an idea for a Movella's Scavenger Hunt of which the entire Movellas Community can get involved in! Details of how it works are down below, so sign up and let's have some fun! (Also, I'd like to thank C.H. Potter for the brilliant cover, so fan her!)


10. Answers to The First Hunt

Movella’s Scavenger’s Hunt Clues:


SHC No.1

Solve the code and you shall have your clue...

Akulet craie

Keyword: anime




The above is the solution. You just need to write out the alphabet, but the letters for anime for the first few letters then fill in the rest of the letters in order that haven't been used yet. That's how a is still a, k becomes m, u stays as u and so on to reveal the name 'Amunet Grace,' who is a movellian! The next clue could be found at the bottom of her profile.


At Amunet’s profile

SHC No.2

The Barbie Project


The name of a movella by Mirlotta. All you needed to do was type it into the search bar.


At movella:

SHC No.3

This one’s rather easier.

What you’re looking for here is a group. Now, this group is one that was created quite a few weeks ago and is named after a popular game that resulted in quite a bit the mumbles of movellas. It has to do with a question posed to each player... “T _ _ _ _ or D _ _ _”


The blanks refer to Truth or Dare, and all you needed to do was type in Truth or Dare into the groups search and it would come up. The next clue was put into one of the discussions.


At truth or dare group

SHC No.5

Since we’re here, let’s get into the mood, shall we? Before you move on to the next clue, each team member must complete a dare. One must change their profile picture to a chicken (animal or the food is accepted) which they must continue to keep for the duration of the hunt. The other team member must post a mumble describing their deep affection for a beautiful chicken they had met and how they want to marry it. (I’m so random, aren’t I?)

As soon as that’s done, tag me (Night) properly or it won’t count, and then after checking you’re done, I’ll give you the next clue.


Pretty self-explanatory.


SHC No.6

Think movellas needs some improvement? Have a suggestion? Well, this is the place to go. And anyways, why are people here not so chatty?


This clue refers to a forum, and all you needed to do was to go to the forums, scroll down to the suggestion box topic and then click on the 'Why are people here not so chatty?' forum.


At forum

SHC No.7

Funny Friday – selfie day!


This one's a blog. Funny Friday - selfie day, was an event that happened in May where movellians were invited to post a selfie of themselves. All you needed to so was go to the blog archives, go to the May one and keep searching till you found it.


At blog

SCH No.8

Alright guys. Since we’re here, let’s get into the mood again! Blogs are all about teaching other people a little about yourself and spreading your interests in a creative way. As such, teams must now complete one of two tasks.

Both team members must post a mumble about whatever they like and get 5 likes for each mumble. Or, have one person post one mumble about whatever they like, however, this mumble must get ten 10 likes.

You only need to choose one of the options but be careful when choosing!! Be creative and try to get as many likes as quickly as you can!

Again, tag me (Night) properly on your mumble and once I have confirmed that the task has been completed, you shall receive your next clue.


Again, pretty simple.


SCH No.9

On this date, one year ago...

Something is bubbling under the surface, threatening to boil over, about to change everything forever...


This one refers to a competition. You just needed to go the competition archives, go to June 2013 and there should have been only one that fit the description above. I know the date wasn't the 24th/25th of June, but instead the 22nd, but if you remember, the hunt was originally planned for the 22nd and I'd made these clues before then. Still, it shouldn't have been that hard!


At competition:

SCH No.10

Has six people.

Is awesomer than Prussia.

Was made by someone awesome than Prussia.

Oops, I’m getting a little biased here.

Hrm, used to be Quiet Canada, Radiance Rockwake (i think), NeutralDinos Clearwater, Fangirl Traveller, Alana Ollsovan or something like that...

Is that enough of a clue for you?


Erm, this refers to a list with six people called 'Some awesome peeps' by R.L Narwhal, who used to be called Quiet Canada, Fangirl Traveler etc. You need a lot of general knowledge of movellas and movellians, but once you worked out the person, finding the list shouldn't have been too hard.


At list:

SCH No.11

Silver Ren.


Refers to the movella, Silver, by Ren. If you typed Silver Ren into the movellas search bar, it should have been the only result to come up.


At Silver movella:

SHC No.12

sdavflc kolheys sparrow

Pretty easy. Solve the code. Keyword: anime.

The last word even gives it away...


Same code as last time. The answer is shaving monkeys sparrow. 


At shaving monkeys sparrow profile:

SHC No.13

Congratz, you’ve reached the end – almost. All you need to do is answer one last question. The first team to have both members tell me (privately) the correct answer wins the hunt!

The question:

Did you notice anything strange about this hunt? If so, what was it? 


Last clue. So, for this question, I was willing to accept any of three answers:

1. I did not use Period in any of my clues

2. I skipped SHC No. 4

3. After a while, SHC (Scavenger Hunt Clue) turned into SCH which is wrong.


So, there you are! All 13 clues and their solutions! Hope that wasn't too bad, guys and congratz to the ones who got them! 


- Night.

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