Movella's Scavenger Hunt

Hi guys! After the truth or dare game which you may or may not know about, Pocky and I have been pretty sad that no one's been chatting with us since then, so we've come up with an idea for a Movella's Scavenger Hunt of which the entire Movellas Community can get involved in! Details of how it works are down below, so sign up and let's have some fun! (Also, I'd like to thank C.H. Potter for the brilliant cover, so fan her!)


1. How it works

So, for those who don't know what a scavenger hunt is, what'll happen is that people who express interest will have a partner and the two of you sign up together. Teamwork is an essential element, so pairs only are allowed! You can't sign up as an individual or as a group of three or a group of twenty or whatever. Pairs only! However, that doesn't mean your team can't ally with another, ehehehe...(but do keep in mind that the prize will only go to the winning team (2 people) so be careful when making allies...With trust will always come betrayal...)

If you don't have a partner though, don't worry. We'll be happy to organize someone for you!


Moving on, as soon as everyone's signed up, at the same time, we'll post a clue. That clue will lead to a specific thing, such as a particular movellian, movella, forum, blog post, group etc. At that place, they'll be another clue which will lead to another clue, then another clue and so on until the final clue. Whoever finds and completes the final clue first will win!!! Depending on how many people sign up, we might introduce a second and third prize too, so that's why everyone should promote and publicize this movella!


In regards to prizes, Pocky and I are still unsure as to what they are, however, as soon as we get two more co-authors, we'll discuss them together.

Yes. That's right. We're accepting two more co-authors! 

Pocky is going away in a few days for a week and although I'm not that busy, I still have two assignments, so yeah! It would be good to have some helping hands and the more the merrier! 

Note: I'm going away in about sixteen days so I'd like for the hunt to be over by then. Keep that in mind, all potential applicants! Apply quickly!


How to apply:


How often you're on

Why you want to co-author

What you think you can contribute


We want good grammar, punctuation, creativity, and a great imagination! We'll need help in deciding clues and such. Also, as sad as it is, you cannot be both a co-author and a participant, as that just wouldn't be fair. 

However, depending on how the first hunt goes, we might make this a monthly thing and if a co-author wants to compete, we'll accept another co-author just for that round! But that's only if the first one is successful.

Note: In order to be co-author you also kind have to be a fan :P 


Now, as for how to apply, just comment below, giving your:

Name and your partners name. Both people don't have to do it - just have one person do it and have them tag their partner in the comment.

Your team name - now, I imagine that they'll be quite a few people applying (hopefully) and when they do, there's no way I'm going to keep saying Team I IS A SLUUUURG NOW and Lily Anna Nightshade (This is just an example and sorry I used your names without permission. It's just cos they're long but if you don't like it, I'll take it down. Also, everyone should fan these two brilliant people!).

Yeah, so anyways, come up with a team name between you and your partner. It should be no more than six letters long, please! You can be Team Pocky or Team Slurg or Team Pony or Team Four or Team X or whatever, just as long as it's short, simple and doesn't take a long time to write like I IS A SLUUUURG or whatever.

If you don't have a partner, just comment and say so! It's simple, really!


And, that should pretty much be it, I think...

As I said, apply quickly please! Co-authors and prizes will be posted shortly, as soon as they're organized so look out for them! There's no limit to how many teams sign up, however, if there are too many (which probably won't be the case T_T) we might have to cut some teams out who'll definitely be on the reserve list for the next one though.

We'll notify you when the actual thing starts which is when the cutoff will be, as well as when the first clue will be posted, however, I would really recommend that at least one team member favourites this so you don't miss out on when it starts. If you're not on when it does start, then sorry but bad luck. Luck's a skill too, kinda. Also, I'd really recommend you don't start without your partner. That's just cheating. Oh, and you might want to form a group or something for private chat with your partner. Just in case!


So, that took longer than expected! Anyways, apply ASAP and good luck to all!

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