Lost Within The Pines

Have you ever wondered what happened to those unfortunate few who disappeared in the forest in the middle of undoubtedly the darkest night of the year? Now you'll find out...


1. In the Dead of Night

Katrina's P.O.V.

    Running. That was the only thing left on my mind.

*2 Hours Earlier*

    "Just run! Get out of here! No one wants you here anyways!"  Those were the last words my mother said to me before I left the house. "She and her so called 'Perfect Boyfriend' will be better off without me anyway..." I muttered under my breath. I had no clue where I was anymore, nor did I care, anywhere far away from that psychotic, selfish woman I was forced to call my mother is way better than having to be her pack-mule all my life. Soon the streets started to fade into thick bushy trees and my past dreams. Suddenly I heard rustling coming from the trees. I then just put on my headphones and turned up my music loud enough to block out the noise "Maybe some loud music will do me some good..." I said in my mind. Then I saw something lurking in the shadows... all I could see were those piercing blood red eyes... I knew it was out for the kill...

*End of Flashback*

   I was still running when I felt something snatch my leg. I knew I wasn't fast enough... I then started to faint...

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