Finding Freya [The Never Grow Up Series Book 1]

The end of the school year is nearing and Freya and her best friends Hayley and Jordan are trying to cope with everything. When Freya befriends one of Brightport High's notorious Trouble-Makers things start to spin out of control. Things involving parties turned into disaster zones, bad run ins with her ex-boyfriend, mean girl issues, serious fights and a whole lot more. They aren't the only things she has to deal with.

Book 1 in the Never Grow Up series.


6. How Dare You Wink At Me!

[A/N] Thank you to all the people who have read this story so far! Hope you all like this chapter.

- Chloe :)

The next day at at school would have been pretty ordinary, if it hadn't have been for a few things. I've been to my first three classes of the day and nothing has gone wrong. It was now lunchtime and nothing could ruin that for me.

I was walking down the hall when I saw Hayley and Jordan leaning against my locker.

"Hey best friends," I said happily, greeting them both as I opened my locker and started stuffing my books inside.

"Hello best friend." said Jordan. I looked over to Hayley who was basically drooling over her phone with this love sick expression on her face.

"Looks like you've had a good day." I said to her.

"Yes, because it has been a good day." She told me. "Oh my God, Freya. You will not believe what just happened!"


"I have a date tonight. With Christopher!"

"Wow Hayles, I'm really happy for you!" I said, with a grin.

"She's been telling me about it pretty much all morning since I've had her in both my first and second period classes, not third period though." Jordan said, with a shake of her head. "Hayley's got it bad!" I laughed.

We started to walk down the to the cafeteria. I glanced down the hallway for a moment. Liam Dyer. God I hated his guts after what he did to Jordan. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her along. "Come on Jordi, Hayley, let's go." She definitely didn't need to put up with his crap again.

"What's the matter Freya?" Hayley asked.

"Liam, that's what."

Liam caught up to us anyway. "Jordan," he said.

"Liam." She nodded.

"Let's go, Hayley, Come on Jordan," I said to her.

We started to walk away when he grabbed Jordan's arm. "Wait," he pleaded to her.

Hayley looked like she wanted to claw his eyes out. I didn't blame her. Jordan gave both of us a warning look. I quickly let go of her arm and backed away.

"Yes," she asked without looking at him. She was facing the window outside.

"Um...," she was looking at him now. Liam scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Uh, you look pretty today..."

"Thanks." She shrugged. She quickly grabbed mine and Hayley's arms and we started speed walking down to the cafeteria.

"What the hell did he want?" I asked her.

"He attempted to compliment me." She frowned.

Hayley shook her head. "You should've just ignored that douchebag. God I just hate him." She sighed in frustration. "I'm not even going to continue talking about this. It'll just put me in a bad mood."

We got our lunch and sat at a table near the window. We ate and chatted a bit about our classes. We had a few together which was good. I saw Hayley gazing out the window casually.

"You should really just talk to him or something. You would make a good couple you know."

"Who? What?"

"Luke Callaway. You should really get together."

I choked on my chip. "Excuse me?"

She smirked and looked at me. "You heard me."

"I don't get it. Why him of all people? You're both crazy. I'm not just going to go out with him for no reason. Besides, I barely even know the guy."

Of all people, they just had to say Luke Callaway. Jordan and Hayley are two of the most down to earth people I know. Okay sometimes, occasionally they can get a little bad mouthed and neither of them would hurt anyone intentionally. Okay well, Hayley, no one except Liam and Connor, my ex. They are pretty much the sweetest people you could meet. Jordan and Hayley I mean, definitely not Liam and Connor. If you stay on their good side. Not once in our last four years of high school have either of them said something like that about him.

"Give him a chance, Freya," said Jordan. "Maybe try and get to know the guy. You never know it could work out."

"Hey, Hayley, Freya," said Jordan. "You know who else looks really good today."

"Who?" I asked.

"Sam Carter," she said.

"You're kidding." I said still shocked. "Are you saying you like him?"

"I thought you liked Ollie!" Hayley said, at the same time as me.

"Hell no! I'm just saying that he looked really good today." She glanced out the window. "I don't like Ollie anymore."

I looked out to where Jordan was looking. Alex, Luke, Zac and Sam were sitting on a table near the big gumtree. "Jordan, it's okay if you do like him." I say at the same time as Hayley yells, "What?"

"Well, if you do," Hayley says. "Be careful. Those boys probably aren't the type you want to hang around with."


I walked in to my last class of the day, which is Food Tech.

I took a seat in the middle of the row farthest away away from the door. Settling myself I glanced around the room.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out. The bell hadn't rung yet so I could still use my phone. It was a text from Hayley.

Her: Put in a good word for me :)


Me: What are you talking about?

She replied exactly thirty seconds later.

Her: Luke has the exact same class as you right now!

How on earth did she know that? Is she starting to stalk him? If she is, that's creepy. I looked up from my phone and glanced at the door. When I did, Luke walked in with a smug look on his face. What the hell? I quickly put my phone away.

The bell rang and he glanced around the room. His eyes landed on mine and then flickered behind me. His eyes shined as he made his way in my direction. I glanced behind me and saw the that the seat was empty.

He brushed past my seat and sat down behind me. I tried to glance casually behind me, but he caught me looking and winked at me. Disgusted, I sighed and turned back around.

How dare you wink at me! You don't even know me! I almost felt like yelling that at him.

Mrs Evans walked in and smiled at us. "Hello everyone! How was everyone's morning?"

Everyone muttered things like "good", and "horrible". She smirked. "Don't worry. The day is almost over." She clapped her hands together. "Alright well for starters, I hope everyone is happy with their seat because you will be sitting here for the remainder of this term."

I mentally groaned and slapped myself. Fan-fucking-tastic.

"For the end of the year we are going to require some after school time." The class groaned and my heart sank. After school time was my time.

"During class, you are going to come up with a recipe and then you are going to go home and give it a shot. This will help teach you what ingredients go best together and will help you learn to recognise a good recipe without actually having to prepare the meal. "

People started twisting in their chairs to make groups.

"I'll be assigning the groups," said Mrs Evans, gaining groans from everyone.

After the protests died down Mrs Evans started reading off names of partners.

"... Taylor and Alex, Sam and Lily, Rose and Ethan..."

I noticed a few of the girls sending shy glances towards Luke and Sam who was also in this class. I could tell what drove them to look. They were both pretty attractive. Not that I'd admit it. The nervousness was probably because of the rumors that surrounded them and also Alex and Zac and also how they often got into fights and got arrested.

Someone who looked like they did and had the guts to talk back to anyone no matter their age or social standing was bound to be burnt off a few rumors.

"Luke and Freya."

"Who's Freya?" Luke asked causing a few classmates to giggle and a few to mockingly echo his question. I flushed bright red.

"That would be the girl that's sitting in front of you Mr Callaway."

"Oh, right." The class burst in to laughter. Luke looked a bit flustered.

Once Mrs Evans finished calling out everyone's names, people started moving to sit next to their partners.

I grabbed my things and moved to sit next to him.

"Everyone stop horsing around and start writing a recipe. I expect a full report on your creations before class on Wednesday." said Mrs Evans surveying the class.

"Yes Ma'am," Luke replied, giving Mrs Evans a mock salute.

Mrs Evans just rolled her eyes and went back to grading papers from one of her other classes.

"So," said Luke leaning forward on his chair and putting his elbows on my desk. "Your place or mine? " He winked.

"I don't mind."

"My place it is then," he said grinning. "If that's okay with you."

"It's fine." I said.

Luke shuffled the papers and flicked through them.

"Um... Freya, do you have a pen I could borrow?"

I reached into my bag and handed him a blue pen. "Here."

He purposely brushed his fingers against mine. "Thanks."

This was going to be a long class.


The bell finally rang for school to end and I practically ran out of class.

As I made my way towards the lockers, I felt someone grab my arm. I whipped around and my eyes met a pair of blue ones.

"Here you go." Luke held something out to me. It was the pen I gave him. I took it from him.

"I was thinking we could maybe do the project tomorrow after school?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Thanks again beautiful." He winked then walked away.

I stood there for a minute, dazed. I stood there for a minute then blinked and shook my head. This better not become a regular thing with him. For the moment, I wanted nothing to do with guys.

So today has gone pretty well so far, apart from the fact that I am now partners with one of the bad boys of the school for an after school class project and that this jerk Liam was now harassing my best friend about their break up.

Making my way towards the parking lot, it was then I ran into someone.

"I'm sorry!" I apologised quickly. My light brown eyes met a pair of blue ones.

Luke smirked when he looked down at me. I never really noticed how tall he was. He was literally a full head height taller than me.

"Hey there Freya."

"Freya!" Someone called behind me. I sighed in frustration. Why couldn't I be left alone. I turned and saw Connor Flaherty, my ex-boyfriend from last year. I never really talk about him much anymore and I usually try to avoid him. He was now walking towards me.

I squeezed my eyes shut. "Oh, shit." I muttered.

"Oh right. Tomato is your boyfriend." Luke commented. "And did I just hear Little Miss Goody-Goody swear?" He seemed amused.

I held my hand up, stopping him from saying anything else. "First of all, we broke up last year. And second, don't call me that."

Before I knew it, he lifted his hand and laced his fingers in mine.

Why was my heart beating so rapidly all of a sudden?

He pulled me close to his chest and smirked when I stumbled over. "So you're single?" He asked. "This makes things so much more interesting..."

"What are you-"

"Hey Freya."

I whipped around and came face to face with Connor. "Hey." I tried pulling my hand away from Luke's but he wouldn't let go. "What are you up to?"

"Are you busy? I want to talk to you." His eyes flickered to Luke then back to me.

Do I want to stand here holding hands with Luke in the school parking lot? Or do I want to talk to my ex? I think I'll go talk with my ex.

"Okay." I said yanking my hand from Luke's. "Sure."

"I'll see you later Freys." Luke winked at me then walked off, leaving me and Connor alone.

I just only really just met him today and I already despise him.

I looked towards Connor. "What's up?"

He was looking in the direction Luke went. He looked back at me and his face softened. "Listen Freya, you do know that last year I only ever went behind your back once. I could never hurt you like that. What I did was a stupid mistake and-"

"No Connor, why do you have to bring this up now? In case you haven't noticed, We're over!"

"No, listen to me. I was crazy about you, and I still am crazy about you. Those feelings never went away. Trust me on this once."

I felt like tearing up. My eyes were watering but I refused to let my tears fall. I didn't want to make a fool out of myself right now and Connor didn't deserve my tears anyway. "I just don't feel like I can trust you right now Connor."

He frowned. "No Freya-"

"Connor," I said. "Just, not now."

And with that I started walking down to the car.

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