Finding Freya [The Never Grow Up Series Book 1]

The end of the school year is nearing and Freya and her best friends Hayley and Jordan are trying to cope with everything. When Freya befriends one of Brightport High's notorious Trouble-Makers things start to spin out of control. Things involving parties turned into disaster zones, bad run ins with her ex-boyfriend, mean girl issues, serious fights and a whole lot more. They aren't the only things she has to deal with.

Book 1 in the Never Grow Up series.


5. He Must Think Supermarkets Are Exotic

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The next morning, I went down to the beach along with Lachie. He told me that it would probably be worthwhile to catch a few waves, considering the fact that he hadn't been out in the surf for a while. I went off to go meet up with Hayley and Jordan, my best friends, We always come here in the summer.

We lay half in the shade of the huge umbrella Jordan brought along. We watched the waves crash over the breakers and people running up and down the shoreline.

I sit up. "Ellie's getting married."

"What?" exclaimed Hayley. "Ellie?"

"Ellie," I repeated.

"Whoa!" says Jordan, flicking off a fly. "That's crazy! They've only been going out a month, no three months. I would never marry someone that quickly. I haven't even met him."

"Me either," says Hayley

"Ellie reckons that when love hits, you know." I explained, sifting the soft, quartzy sand with my fingers. "And once you know, you know."

"Still," said Jordan. "I wouldn't marry someone that quick."

"So," asked Hayley. "Where did Travis propose?"

"At Coles supermarket," I answered her. "Beside the spice rack."

"What! And she accepted him!" said Hayley. "If I had a boyfriend and he proposed to me there, I'd smack him out."

"Ellie didn't seem to mind."

"I want it to be somewhere exotic," said Jordan, gesturing to the places around her. "Like on top of a cliff above a wild sea or in a hot-air balloon at sunrise."

"Some people may think that supermarkets are exotic," I said.

"Pssh! Only if you don't have a life!" Hayley smeared coconut oil all over her arms. She wiped her hands on her towel and slipped on her sunglasses.

"Is Travis a hottie? He must be hot! You'd only say yes to a proposal like that if he was absolutely hot-hot!"

"He's alright looking I suppose," I said. "But Ellie isn't really worried about looks. She likes Travis anyways."

"Well at least he doesn't look haggard or anything. Because since she has to wake up beside him every morning. And if he looked haggard, the first thing she's going to think when she rolls over is, "I feel tired."" Most of the time having an opinionated best friend is a good thing. But when Hayley gets on a roll, she's hard to stop.

"Ellie's asked me to be a flower girl," I said. "They're getting married in spring. Probably November."

Jordan fiddled with the hem of her blue, green and white tie-dyed sarong. Hayley was deathly silent.

"Travis' sister, Gemma, is going to be one too. She's about the same age as us."

Jordan stared at me over sunglasses "But you!"


"You can't stand people staring at you," said Jordan. "You actually vomited over the guest speaker in Year Seven at assembly when Miss Patterson made you say thank you." It was true, I did have a tendency to vomit at inappropriate moments, particularly if I was experiencing extreme stress or nausea.

"How come Ellie wants you to be a flower girl? You're too old. You're fifteen. You should be a bridesmaid." Hayley questioned me.

"She's got five already!"

"Oh you poor thing." said Hayley, trying to be sympathetic.

Ellie, Rachel, Sarah, Alison, Georgia and Charlotte have been best friends since kindergarten. They call me the "Love Child" when Mum and Dad are around or, "the Big Mistake" when they're not.

"It's not so hard," said Jordan. "All you have to do is wear some fizzy dress, walk down the aisle and throw some rose petals."

"Oh no," I said.

"And you get good presents," she finished.


"Really," said Jordan. "See this sapphire ring. That's what my Aunt Julie bought me when I was her flower girl." Jordan patted my shoulder. "You'll be fine."

A group of kids poured down the track that lead to the beach. I spotted Krystal, Jordan's sister, in the crowd. Krystal is the most popular girl in our school. Everything about her is petite, golden and perfect. Even though Jordan is really pretty, it's a pale lunar prettiness that goes fuzzy around the edges whenever her sister is nearby.

"Oh great," grumbled Jordan, sliding her sarong over her legs.

"There's Oliver!" I pointed out to her. Oliver Henley is the footy star of Brightport High. He's been in at least one of Jordan's classes since Year Seven. Jordi's had a crush on him since then, as well as a small majority of the female student population at Brightport High, which is a lot.

"Look at his calf muscles," hissed Jordan.

"Don't be pathetic!" I groaned. This girl had it bad.

"No wonder he can run! Oh, his chest!"

"Spare me!" cried Hayley.

"It's glisting..."

"Please, Jordan! Get a grip!" I looked over to Hayley.

"With little pearls of sweat!"

"You're a sad sack!" said Hayley.

"He has evolved," retorted Jordan. "Not like your ape."

"Christopher is not an ape!" yelled Hayley.

I just stared at her. That was before I started roaring out with laughter. Jordan soon joined in. According to Jordan, anyone with a single chest hair classifies for the title of "Caveman". According to Hayley, Christopher Finley has a face that could be minted on to an ancient Greek coin. As for me... I'm not so sure.

"Pssh! Hayles, I don't know why you're so into him," said Jordan. "It's hopeless. He's in Year Eleven and you're in Year Nine, which is virtually saying that he lives on the North Pole and you live on the South. Maybe you should aim for someone a little closer to your..."

"Closer to my what?"

"Capacity," finished Jordan.

"Jordan, I'm allowed to go out with anyone I want."

Jordan shrugged. "I'm just sayin'..."

"At least Hayley has an idea of who she wants to go out with," I say nonchalantly.

"Unlike you, who still believes that boys have "cooties"" Jordan retorted.

"I do not!" I yelled. That resulted in laughter from both Hayley and Jordan.

"Then why haven't you been out with anyone yet?" asked Hayley.

"I just haven't!"

"I don't see why you don't," Jordan grinned. "You know, Luke Callaway, he really likes you... It could work."

"Jordan, Hayley, you know I'm not going out with anyone for the sake of it."

"But Freya, you need kissing practice!" Hayley shot a look towards Jordan. I could tell they were up to no good.

"No Hayley, as I said before, I am not going out with anyone for the sake of it!"

"Kissing practice is a serious matter," Jordan jumped in for Hayley. "You don't want to end up like me. Do you, Freya?"

"Jordi, seriously." I adjusted my sunglasses and turned to them both, glaring at them.

"It's a kiss! An exchange of saliva! My first kiss was so not romantic. I pulled away and there was this huge string of drool swinging in between us like a bridge. I didn't know what to do. I was like, aren't kisses supposed to be romantic. Should I have chopped with my finger? Or licked it back up?"

"You are so gross!"

"Anyone would think that your first kiss is going to be the most meaningful moment of your life," said Jordan, shaking sand of the egdes of her towel.

"I'm allowed to think what I want," I said. "As long as I'm trying not to make you both think the same. There's nothing wrong with waiting for the right guy to share your first kiss!"

"As long as it happens before you're seventy," she shrugged. "Because if you leave it that long, you'll be removing your dentures."

We watched Krystal race Oliver up out to the jetty by the breakwater. Jordan squinted.

"I'm telling you guys, if my sister gets it on with Ollie, I'm going to kill her."

"Don't worry Jordi," said Hayley, patting Jordan's shoulder. I dusted the sand off my legs, then picked up my phone out of my bag. There was a text from Nate. He was asking if I was getting a ride home with him. I texted him back saying that I was getting a ride home with Hayley.

"Who wants ice-cream sundaes?" Hayley asked both Jordan and I.



"There's your man," said Jordan, as she motioned to Luke Callaway, as we were queuing up outside the ice-cream truck.

Luke Callaway and his mates, Zac Sparks, Alex Williams and Sam Carter were walking towards the beach with their surfboards. Luke and his mates are the delinquents of our year. Luke's been suspended a fair few times, getting busted for doing stupid things on school grounds, getting into numerous fights, but it never makes much difference when he gets punished. Alex, Zac and Sam all get busted for similar things.

"Don't you think he's cute?" asked Jordan, as she fixed her sunglasses. "Just the tiniest bit! I think he is. Naah, Zac is way cuter."

I turned and looked. Luke's blonde hair was messy as usual, he was wearing board shorts and a tee shirt. Two dimples punched his cheeks like wells. All of the Callaway boys have dimples. Ellie reckons that it's unfair that a family so despicable could get something so adorable. Her words, not mine. Mrs Wilton, the owner of the Coffee Cup Cafe, where Mum works, calls their dimples, "the sign of the devil". But yet again, Mrs Wilton is a bit... odd, wears a foamy white cravat and is always seeing visions in the coffee she makes.

I watched as Luke laughed and turned to face Zac.

"Not even the tiniest bit," I said, turning back to Jordan. "You're crazy."

"No I'm not," she said. "Is it a crime to say someone looks good?"

"No," I started. "But it is dangerous to think something like that. It's Luke, Alex, Zac and Sam you're talking about! They're the bad boys. The Trouble-Makers."

"Whatever," she waved it off.

"Freya?" Hayley asked me.

"Yeah Hayles?"

"What do you want?" Hayley gestured to the menu.

"Oh right, one choco-mint chip please!" I said turning to the lady selling the ice-creams.

"Anything else with that?" she asks me.

I turned to Hayley and Jordan. "You've all ordered right?"


"Right," said the lady. "$13.75, please!"

"I'm paying," I told the lady, as I pulled out my wallet and gave her the money.

"Thanks," she says, passing us the ice-creams, Hayley's strawberry swirl, Jordan's honeycomb crumble and my choco-mint chip. "Enjoy!"

We sat down on one of the benches overlooking the sea. I watched as the waves crashed on to the shore.

"I can't believe that this year is nearly over!" Hayley exclaims.

"Me either!" I answer, cheerfully with a grin, before taking another bite of my ice-cream. "Has anyone made plans already for the summer?"

"Not yet," said Jordan. "What about you?"

"I don't really have anything planned either." I answered.

"Same here." said Hayley. "I haven't really thought things through yet. We've only got a few more weeks left of school, then after that it's exams and after that... that's where I haven't got anything planned."

"Who needs plans anyways," said Jordan. "I mean, I think summer is going to be pretty good without them."

"As long as we don't do anything stupid, like, land ourselves in prison. Or something along the lines of that..."

"Hayley," I chuckle. "I highly doubt anything like that will happen."

"Who knows?"

"At least I hope it doesn't."

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