Finding Freya [The Never Grow Up Series Book 1]

The end of the school year is nearing and Freya and her best friends Hayley and Jordan are trying to cope with everything. When Freya befriends one of Brightport High's notorious Trouble-Makers things start to spin out of control. Things involving parties turned into disaster zones, bad run ins with her ex-boyfriend, mean girl issues, serious fights and a whole lot more. They aren't the only things she has to deal with.

Book 1 in the Never Grow Up series.


2. Author's Note

Hey everyone! This the first story I'll be posting on Movellas. I've been posting this on my Wattpad account, but my friend said I should post it here too :)

If you haven't noticed already. This is the first book from the Never Grow Up series. The other titles will be: When Summer Ends, Right Back At It Again and All The Small Things. I haven't finished writing them, so they won't be out for a long time. Anyways, I hope you all love this book and the series as much as I do and I hope you enjoy reading it.

- Chloe :D

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