Im Always Addicted To You


1. Chapter One

Today is the day. The day I meet my moms fiancée and his son. I just barely found out about them. I didn't even know my mom dated and all of a sudden she's getting married in a month. I wonder if the dudes son is in the same boat as me. I hope he's not a total douche bag ass face. If he is I am going to die. We apparently have to share a room together. I don't want to share a room with a chick let alone some random guy I don't even know! He could try to freakin rape me or something!


"Kody are you ready!?" My mom yelled from her room. She was really nervous about tonight. She doesn't want me to ruin this relationship like I ruined hers and dads.


"Yeah I am!" I yelled back. I was wearing my Of Mice and Men hodie with black skinny jeans and my black converse. I had my eyeliner thick around my eyes and mascara on. My light cotton candy blue hair was straightened and I had a black beanie loosely on my head.


"Why do you always insist on wearing black all the time?" My mom said judging me indirectly.


"I like the color black mom so I wear it." I said rolling my eyes and following her to the car. We were meeting them at some fancy restaurant. When we got inside my mom spotted her fiancée almost immediately. We walked over there and sat down.



"You must be Kodylynn!! I'm Greg and this is my son Jaxon! I have heard so much about you little missy!!" Did he really just call me little missy??


"Hi" I said quietly. Greg looked to be an alright guy. He seemed to be in his early 50's. And his son was insanely hot. He had black flippy hair with a black beanie covering it. He was wearing an Asking Alexandria t-shirt with black kind skinny jeans and white converse. Then his eyes... His eyes were absolutely gorgeous! Try were such a light blue they almost looked grey. I noticed he was staring at me though. I shifted uncomfortable by his gaze.


"You're mom said you're really into softball and baseball is that right?" Greg asked me.


"Yes." I said quietly. I don't like talking that much.


"Do you still play?" He asked


"No I stopped 2 years ago." I said


"Why did you stop?" Jaxon asked saying something for the first and must I say, his voice was like angels!


"Uh... Just reasons"I said knowing my mom doesn't want me to tell the story of how I tried to commit suicide.


"May I ask what those reasons are?" Jaxon said trying to get a better answer out of me.


"May I go to the restroom?" I asked my mom avoiding the question. I went in the bathroom and made myself puke. If I don't make myself puke a least 2 times a day I feel like an ugly disgusting cow. I started this eating disorder in the 8th grade. When I was done throwing up I went to the sink to wash out my mouth. After I splashed some cold water in my cheeks. When I walked out of the bathroom I ran straight into Jaxon.


"I heard you in there." He said. I just looked down at my feet awkwardly not sure what to say. "Why do you make yourself throw up and cut your wrists?"


"It's because I screw everything and ruin peoples lives." I said then walked back to my mom and Greg. The rest of the evening was pretty boring. Pretty much the whole my mom and Greg talked about the wedding details. When the dinner was over my mom and Greg walked out in front of me and Jaxon. Jaxon stood really close to me.


"Are you okay?" He asked and I nodded, "give me your phone." I gave him a puzzled face, "just give it to me." I handed him my phone and he entered his number. "Now if you ever need to talk here's my number."


"Okay. Same to you." I said and texted him 'hi' and then left with my mom.

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