Lost In My Own Mind

Mom is sending me to live with some people I don't even know, she thinks it will help. What she didn't know was that after a few months I never wanted to go back home no matter how much I missed everybody. All because of HIM!


8. Getting to Know Harry

             I opened the door and saw Harry standing right in front of me, this time with a shirt on. He looked nervous and about ready to run. He kept running his hands through his hair. Boy I wish I could do that, see if it feels as soft as it looks. Wait what no no no, I can't have feeling for Harry right. I came back to reality and Harry was saying something.

" Sorry, what was that?"

" Can I come in?"

" Oh yeah, of course."

He looked around as if not sure were he should sit finally chose the window seat. I hesitantly sat next to him.

" I'm sorry, Ri."

" What are you talking about?"

" At the store I was pretty rude to you when I was mad at Luke. So, I'm sorry."

" I wasn't expecting an apology or anything, but what I don't understand is why you were mad at Luke?"

Harry very hesitant.

" Luke is kind of in to you, but I told him he needs to stay away from you. Luke is not someone who has a good history with girls. I guess you could say he's a player. There are a few girls he hasn't been with, and most girls he's with end up heart broken."

" What if I wanted to take that chance of getting hurt?"

" Don't please"

He grabbed my hand.

" I don't want you to get hurt please."

We head a door slam.

" Harry, Rilley?"

Harry looked at me and our hands and panicked. He dropped my hand and left the room quickly. And I was left so confused. Anne yelled up that dinner was here and ready to be eaten.

            When I got downstairs I grabbed a plate of food and sat down next to Harry. I noticed Robin was now home. Harry refused to even look at me the entire time we were eating, so whatever moment we had was gone and he was back to being himself. I washed the dishes while Harry put away the food. When he was done he said goodnight to everybody and went to bed. When I was done I decided to do the same. I opened my bedroom door to see Harry sitting on my bed looking at his hands.

" Harry?"

He looked up at me shocked and quickly got up.

" I'm sorry I shouldn't have come here."

He rushed out the door went across to his room and slammed the door, for a few seconds I could here his murmuring to himself.

             I got in pjs , turned the light off, set my alarm, and went to bed. I tried so hard to go to sleep but mind was to busy racing with thoughts of Harry.


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