Im Only Human

Meg was just your average teenager. Until her mom died unexpectedly. She is left with her abusive dad. When she gets the courage to leave, will her dad find her and she will suffer the consequences? Or will she find someone, who is willing to do anything to protect her?


2. life stories

My eyes slowly opened as the smell of food wafted to my nose. I stretched and jumped out of bed. I glanced in the mirror, but quickly looked down. I would have to leave. But for some reason, I really didn't want to. I pulled on some fresh clothes, brushed out my long hair, and applied fresh face make up. I opened the door and walked toward the kitchen, to be greeted by an overly happy Niall. "Hey Skylar. You sleep well?" He asked and I nodded in reply. I grabbed plates, silverware, and napkins and placed them on the table. After a commentless breakfast, I grabbed my backpack and turned to leave. "Goodbye Niall. Thanks for everything." I spoke quietly with my hand on the doorknob. "If you're going, so am I. You can't stay out there all by yourself, so I'll come with you." He stated standing in my way of opening the door. "Niall that's really not necessary." I said quickly trying with no luck to push him out of my way. "Yes it is. Wait here. I gotta pack stuff." I sighed and sat on the couch. Once he was done, we set off. I walked into a hair salon. Niall looked at me, clearly confused. "I need to change my hair color so my father won't find me." I explained. I had told him my story while he was packing, so he would be ok with what I was doing. I got my hair dyed black, with one streak of blue on the side. It looked pretty good on me, but I still looked like myself. Next stop we walked into the mall. I entered the pharmacy, and into the eye section. They had colored contact lenses, so I bought ones to make my the same shade of blue as the streak in my hair. Next I went into Target and bought clothes that I would never wear. I figured I would pose as a skater girl. I bout skater skirts dresses and pants, and shirts. And I went to the sports equipment to buy a skateboard. Lucky for me, I knew how to ride. I went into the bathroom and changed my clothes into a red skater dress, a red snapback, and my red converse. I stuffed everything else inside my bag, and carried my skateboard. Niall and I walked out of the mall, and sat down on the curb. "So, how do I look?" I asked. "Definitely not like you." Niall responded truthfully. "Great." I said simply. Just then, Niall's phone rang. "Hello?...Yeah...I just finished some shopping that's all...Of course...Yeah...Can I bring a friend?...Ok...See ya mate...Byeeeeee." Niall hung up the phone and looked at me. "That was a buddy of mine. He's having a birthday party and in invited me and you. You in?" "Sure why not." I said. "But what until then?" "My mate Zayn has a flat that we can stay in. I called him earlier today." Niall looked down at his watch, then back at me. "Sounds great." I smiled and we both jumped on our skateboards and rode there.


Hey! Sorry I know this is kinda short but I'm really tired soooo...goodnight. I might just delete this because no one is reading it, but please if someone is leave a comment on if I should delete it or not. Thx ilysm💕

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