tori escence get sold by there mom to 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER on there birthday


3. at 5sos's house

                                                                   tori's p.o.v.                                                                                                       we where at there house and its was so awesome i wanted to go and swim but right when i got there we had to unpack.

right when i walked in it was so pretty and then ashton walked in in my head hes escence's so he said to me im your now.what i have fucking 3 people i said to my he left and i was done     unpacking my phone was ringing so i picked it up.

                                                                     phone call ugh mom.

M.hello who is this

mum.its your mum did they kill you yet

m.fuck no there nicer than you and they said they where gonna take me away from you cause you are BAD.


                                                               end of call???????

        SORRY GUYS I DID THIS AT 1:41AM so if its bad im just tired gonna write tomorrow bye love all of you that are reading this thank you byeeeeeeeee

and im turning 15 on thursday so im mite not write then well byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again

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