Marley is a reject. She's invisible to her pupils eyes and all because of one secret that wasn't supposed to be told. Her old friends abandoned her including the well known Ashton Irwin. Who's now in a band not many people know. I guess you can say Marley's alone. But what if someone sees her. Sees her no other could. "What about it Marley?" "What do you mean?" "Its us against the world. You with me?"

*This story is connected with Cassidia's movella called "Different". Please go check that out so you can get both in sites to the story.*


17. What More Can Go Wrong?

We arrived back at Ashton's house. I was released from the hospital 3 hours ago and we finally just got back. 3 hours from all the paperwork, waiting for Ashton to finish his food, which I wouldn't eat even with his many pleads for me to just have a bite, and the traffic. 

"You alright?" He asked for the umphteenth time since I was realeased. Probably because all I do is just stare out the window and occasionally hum the tune from the radio. I simply nodded. 

He sighed and opened the front door after unlocking it. There were storm clouds. It was gonna rain probably anytime now. Thunder rose and roared like a lion being tortured. A powerful lion being taken down by his foe. I shook in great fear. I have always hated storms. 

"Come on let's get inside." The boy now known as my brother ushered me inside with his hand on the small of my back. 

"Good to see you guys are back safely." Ashton's mother came into view with a smile on her face. Did she know why we were gone?

"We have guests." She said in a fake happy tone. She brought us to the living room which held two familiar strangers. Ashton froze and I felt him tense up by the minute. 

"Ashton, son-" His father, my father. That man sitting on the couch is our father. 

"No." His voice cracked. I looked up into the eyes of a broken boy who used to be full of life, the happiest boy ever seen. Now he was broken, almost as much as me.

"Ashton please listen to me-"

"No!" He was pleading with his eyes, who is our father and why is Ashton so afraid of him?

"My baby." The cold women looked at me. She stepped forward. She was so skinny, you can see her bones and she looked very sickly, she had tons of makeup and she just looked plain horrible.

"What?" I whispered my voice still hoarse since that was the first word I actually spoke in a full 4 hours.  

"Um this is really hard to say," She started and tears started to roll down."I wanted to tell you about how you were born." My biological parents both looked down like they were ashamed. She ushered for us to sit down so Ashton and I went to sit on the couch across from them. 

"Alright there is no easy way to say this. Okay here it goes, it was my eighteenth birthday and my friends all dragged me out to this club. So we were all having a good time and getting drunk and dancing when I met this guy. He seemed to be very nice to me and I was not used to that, After some dancing the guy took me to a room in the back and you know. But anyway, a couple weeks later I found out I was pregnant and I was a mess I decided I would keep you for a very long time. Until the bullying started, at school, the park, even at the local grocer. By then I was six months pregnant. I couldn't take it, I went to the hospital and scheduled an abortion. They did it but something went wrong. I was informed that the abortion failed and I was forced into immediate labor. I then had you. I left and abandoned you and I'm so sorry." 

So many thoughts ran through my head. I couldn't even think. Not only was I adopted, abused by the adopted father and bullied by the 'sister' but I was also a failed attempt of an abortion. Tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't breath. It was like bricks were rested on my chest. I was up on my feet like I was in auto pilot. I ran. I ran as  far as could. My life was being ripped by the seams. Like the very ending page of a book where the main character dies and it breaks your heart. Like a plane being blown up in the air and every bit of it just torn and flew everywhere. I kept running until I reached the woods from the outside of town. Here rested a broken down tree house I discovered with Ashton back when we were seven. I climbed up the ladder and collapsed on the floor of the treehouse. I was by then full on sobbing. Hiccuping and screaming. I picked myself up and grabbed a few objects that we left behind years ago, throwing them every which way screaming at the top of my lungs out of what? Self hatred, being unwanted. What did I do to deserve this?

The thunder from the storm still shook through the sky while lightning struck just a few yards away. Catching a tree on fire. I was soaked the earth was soaked yet the fire still burned. Roaring like a book being burned in a fireplace disintegrating the lives that book may have held. And in a blink of an eye, it was all gone. The fire was burned out, the characters in the book ripped from imagination, and my happiness, gone. 

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