Marley is a reject. She's invisible to her pupils eyes and all because of one secret that wasn't supposed to be told. Her old friends abandoned her including the well known Ashton Irwin. Who's now in a band not many people know. I guess you can say Marley's alone. But what if someone sees her. Sees her no other could. "What about it Marley?" "What do you mean?" "Its us against the world. You with me?"

*This story is connected with Cassidia's movella called "Different". Please go check that out so you can get both in sites to the story.*


13. Moving in?

After what happened at the carnival I went back to Luke's house. I don't know where I am going to live. I mean now that I know I'm adopted and Reyli was the only family member in my house I just don't think living there is a good idea. 

"I don't want to live in that house." I said think out loud. 

"You don't have to." Luke said. 

"Then where am I going to live?" I looked at him confused. 

"At my house." He said excitedly with a smile on his face. 

"I have a guest bedroom you can have and I'm sure my mum won't mind. She really likes you." He said smiling still like he has everything planned out. 

"But how-" I was cut of with him putting his finger on my lips. 

"We are going to your house to get clothes and such things and then back to my house." He said while we pulled up into his driveway. He grabbed my hand and we walked down the road to my house. 

"Are you sure it's okay for me to stay with you?" I say before I walk into the house. I'm not even bothering to climb the tree. 

"Yeah it will be perfectly fine." he reassured me and we walked down the hallway to the pull where a ladder comes out and then we walked up into my room. 

"I don't think I ever noticed that you actually lived in the attic." He said looking around.

"Well hopefully not for long." I looked down and remembered the guinea pigs. Snickers, the cat, was never really my cat. He kind of just always came to my room but it looks like he wasn't here lately. 
"What am I going to do about Scooter and Sniffer?" I said and pointed at the guinea pigs. I guess I can always ask if Ashton can just put them with his. I don't think Luke will appreciate if I bring two stinky pets in his house already.

"I'll probably just ask Ashton to watch over them with his guinea pigs too." I suggested. 

I walked over to my dress and shoved everything I own into a duffle bag. Which wasn't very much. 

"Thats all you have?" He asked. I looked down.

"Yup." I said and he looked surprised. 

"We are definitely going shopping next weekend." He said laughing. We walked down the ladder and out the front door. We walked down to his house in silence. It wasn't awkward though, it was nice. 

"Wait." Luke said and stopped me before we walked into his house. 

"Wha-" I got cut off by Luke picking me up bridal style. 

"I wanna bring you through the door bc its your new home." He said smiling.

"Luke we aren't married. This is what married people do." I say laughing. 

"I don't care I wanna do it." He said happily and opened the door and kicked it open with his foot. 

"Welcome to ala de luke." He said and we both laughed. He put me down and started walking down the hallway. 

"Follow me I'll show you to your new room." He said opening his arms wide.We walked up his stairs and walked down the little hall. I saw a door with a bunch of boyish posters. I am guessing that is Luke's. He opened the door just across the hall from what I assume is his room and set down my dufflebag on the bed. It was painted a light color of pink and had a mint green bedding on the bed. It was so cute. 

"I told my mom you were probably gonna stay here for a while since you found out you were adopted and she got this bedding. How she did it in that short of time I have no idea." He said laughing. 

"Well I'll leave you to the unpacking and I'll choose a movie. We can have a moviefest!" He said excitedly. It's so cute to see him so happy over me living here. I unpacked all my things and got dressed in some pajamas. I changed into my cloud sweater and slipped on my cookie monster pajama pants. I tied my hair up into a messy bun and put on my grey polka dot slippers. 

I walked down stairs to see a lot of pillows and blankets on the floor. I saw Luke start to walk in with a bowl of popcorn with chocolate sprinkled all over it. Thats my favorite! 

"Hey I got your favorite popcorn covered in chocolate!" Luke said when he saw me. 

"How did you know that was my favorite?" I asked him and grabbed some popcorn.

"Well I called Ashton." He said blushing. 

"Okay what movie did you pick out?" I said laughing at him blushing.

"Mean girls. I love that movie and it's just hilarious." He said and walked over to his pillow blanket fort thing. 

"I agree. I love that movie!" I said and sat down next to him. We ended up into a cuddly position and fell asleep through half the movie. 

I was finally happy. Nothing could ruin this.

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