Marley is a reject. She's invisible to her pupils eyes and all because of one secret that wasn't supposed to be told. Her old friends abandoned her including the well known Ashton Irwin. Who's now in a band not many people know. I guess you can say Marley's alone. But what if someone sees her. Sees her no other could. "What about it Marley?" "What do you mean?" "Its us against the world. You with me?"

*This story is connected with Cassidia's movella called "Different". Please go check that out so you can get both in sites to the story.*


1. Just a Reject

       I was walking down the halls as per usual but never noticed by anyone. Like I was invisible, but we all know its just because they don't want to see me and I don't blame them, who would? 

       My name is Marley Connors and I'm Middleton High's reject. All because someone told my secret. I guess you're wondering what that secret is but i can't tell you just yet, you would probably hate me too. Anyone who talked to me would be pulled aside by someone acting like I wasn't there, then somehow someone would tell them my secret and then they are just another person to ignore me like they should. I understand though, I saw it coming, but you would have thought my secret would be safe with the one you trust the most, you're own sister. 

       Reyli Connors, schools most prettiest cheerleader, dating the quarterback, just your average popular. She's my sister, even she ignores me too. My parents tried to tell her to talk to me and notice me. That was until my mom got into a car crash and died, so my dad went crazy and left us all alone. So yes i am alone. No one to talk to. Its hard to deal with, I cry every night thinking I'm all alone.

       My best friend, well used to be, Ashton Irwin, probably forgot about me too. He just left me. I see him around and from what I understand he has four new best friends, I don't know their names though, their in a band which is pretty cool too. I have heard them before, since they live next door and they don't have the best sound proof basement.  

       Well I guess if you think about it, I'm not all alone. I do have my cat Snickers, and my guinea pigs Scooter and Sniffer. But it's not like they can talk, sometimes I talk to them because I have no one who will listen.

        Maybe someday someone will notice me. Probably not. 


This is what she looks like


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