Marley is a reject. She's invisible to her pupils eyes and all because of one secret that wasn't supposed to be told. Her old friends abandoned her including the well known Ashton Irwin. Who's now in a band not many people know. I guess you can say Marley's alone. But what if someone sees her. Sees her no other could. "What about it Marley?" "What do you mean?" "Its us against the world. You with me?"

*This story is connected with Cassidia's movella called "Different". Please go check that out so you can get both in sites to the story.*


19. Beaten and Broken


We walked into the house and we saw Louis sitting alone. How did he even get in here? Why is he here? Not like he likes me or anything, he hates me. Once he acknowledged that we were here he looked up and his eyes widened. Probably from the state that me and Addie were in. 

"You found both of them?" Louis asked.

"How did you know Addie was missing?" I asked him crossing my arms over my chest.

"Well I mean she is covered in dirt and blood so I just figured something bad happened to her because her arm does look a little broken. What did happen Addie?" He said fast and and turned to Addie in the end.

"My dad found me." She said and shrugged. She winced from the sudden pain in her arm. Come to look at it her arm does look a little broken. 

"I'll take her to the hospital to get that looked at." Luke suggested and grabbed Addie's (good) arm and Turned towards me. "Why don't we all go." He added then whispered in my ear. "I don't want you to be alone with him." He pulled back and glared at Louis. 

"Okay." I replied then looked over at Louis. "Aren't yah coming?" I asked and motioned for him to follow. He nodded and walked with us.

"That's what I like about chu. You hold me tight. Yeah. Tell me what you really want!" Calum came into the house singing, loudly I might add. 

"Hello to you to Calum." I giggled while he waltzed in, Michael following. 

"Hey Marls. Whoa what happened to you?" He asked concerned. Michael looked at me with concern and came over to us. 

"Um long story. Come on we have to take Addie to the hospital." I said and took Calum by the hand and started to walk. Me and Calum have a very brother and sister relationship since we met. Even if me and Ashton are actually brother and sister, Calum is a close second. Michael is like my bestfriend that would never leave my side and is someone that you can gossip to and play videogames with. Now Luke, I'm not so sure about him, sure I like him and he acts like he likes me. I also heard him say he loves me so he could be a potential love. 

"Hey has anyone seen Ashton?" I asked after we got to the car.

"No I haven't since we split up to look for you." Luke said and took hold of my other hand that Calum was not holding. 

"Oh my god! I remember. How could I be so stupid?" Addie said and smacked her head. She was scolding herself for god knows what.

"Addie, what happened?" I asked letting go of Luke and Calum's hand. What did she know? Did Ashton get hurt. why is she acting like this? Why do I ask so many questions?

"My dad! He hit Ashton. Before my dad took me to the treehouse, Ashton dropped by. He said he was going house to house looking for Marley and he must not have realized it was my dad until he saw me. My dad knew who he was though and he started beating him up. Oh god!" She started to ramble and cursing herself for letting anything happen to Ashton.

"Hey hey, Addie, it will be okay. We will find him. Okay? We have to go back to the house and get Ashton before your dad gets back." I comforted her putting both of my hands on the sides of her face for her to look into my eyes. She had tears threatening to spill. Her breathing quicken at the mention of her dad getting there before us. 

"We have to go now." 

We all hop into Luke's car and drive off towards Addie's house where Ashton may or may not still be. Hopefully he is there and her dad didn't come back and like kill him. 

Once we arrived, there really was no one in sight. I looked around and peek my head into a window. The curtain is slightly open so I can see a little in. I was about to give up hope until I saw a hand with a familiar bracelet laying limp on the floor. It slightly moves and is picked up. I finally see that it was Ashton but he was being carried. Dear God. Ashton is thrown onto the floor near the television surrounded by many beer cans. Addison's dad plops himself into an auburn red chair that has stains covering it. I finally get a good look at Ashton and he is covered in blood. His lip has a huge gash, an already formed black eye and had many other cuts and bruises all over his body. He looked unconscious until he opened his eyes. Addison's dad didn't pay attention to him while he was watching a television show about some cops and stuff. Ashton looked right at the window I was currently peaking through and his eyes grew wide. He was scared. His big eyes were full of fear, pain, and torture. He was pleading. Although I knew he didn't want to let his little sister get hurt and try to save him, he needed it. 

I turned around where everyone was waiting to be told what I saw. They all heard the smash Ashton had created by hitting the table near the television causing a vase to fall over. I looked to Addie.

"You have to hide, your dad is in there and you can't be seen. Now Luke, he already knows what you look like so one of you need to go to the door and distract her father while I go in with someone else and get Ashton. He is in really bad shape so I myself can't pick him up and get him out." I explained pointing to Calum, Michael, and Louis. 

"I'll go distract her dad." Louis volunteered which kind of took everyone by surprise. 

"Okay, Michael you go with him. Calum come with me, and Luke you hide with Addie." Everyone nodded and we got in our places. 

Michael and Louis go up the steps, straightening out their clothes and fixing their hair so they could look a little professional. Those boys are great at acting so no doubt they can pull this off. 

Me and Calum start making our way behind the house being as quiet as possible. I heard Louis and Michael talking to Addison's dad. They were trying to talk him into a fantasy football package which I guess he seemed interested in. I was stepping over a big garbage pack when a cat came out of nowhere screeching and running out. I froze and so did Calum who was only a few steps ahead of me.

"What was that?" I heard the dad say. 

"Oh I'm sure it was that silly cat I saw go by your neighbors house a few minutes ago, harmless." Michael said and Louis started talking about the package again. Bless their improv skills. 

Calum goes to the back door and gently slides it open so it doesn't make much noise. We were doing good. I slipped into the house and went to where Ashton is and soothed him.

"Marley." he croaked out and went to touch my face. 

"Yeah Ashton I'm here, Shhh, we have to be quiet, lets get you out of here." I whispered and Calum came over and picked up Ashtons head, arms and back whilst I took his feet. I heard sirens in the far distance and only wished they were coming for us. We need help. 

"HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" I was dragged back by my shoulder and flung over someone's shoulder. Addie's dad.

"Let me down, you bastard!" I was hitting his back repeatedly. Her dad had closed the door in Michael and Louis' face and locked the many locks he built into the door. He put me down on the couch, correction he threw me. I was hit with a dizzy spell so I couldn't see, hear or move. Once I could see I saw her dad push Calum and Ashton into a closet and locked it. Calum started banging on the door.

"Now someone has been bad. Taking people from me. What were you thinking." He said climbing on top of me holding my hands. He tied down my ankles and wrists. 

"I was helping people from you." I said in disgust.

"Well you shouldn't have done that." He said and started roaming his hands up and down me. The banging from the closet and the front door never seized. He put his lips on mine and undone my button keeping my jeans held together. Oh please no. 

I was crying,hysterically crying. "Let me go. Stop it." I said screeching. He put both legs on either side of my body and started to unbuckle his belt. "I'm just getting started, sweetheart. Maybe your friends should have been stronger and smarter."

"Stop please." Trying to be set free I was moving rapidly from underneath him. The banging was even more prominent. My jeans being slide down to my ankles. The sirens that were heard in the distance were getting closer. He was getting what he wanted. The closet door was being busted from the inside. A rock from outside was thrown through the window and there was a bigger hole now that someone could come in and save me. But they were already too late. He did it. 


"She's waking up." I heard a voice speak. I looked up and the lights blinded me. "Marley? Oh thank God." The blonde haired boy that has saved me countless times, hugged me. 

"Luke?" My voice was hoarse. "What happened?" 

"Addison's dad nearly killed Ashton and while we were saving him, something happened." He stopped and tear ran down his face. He was breaking down.

I couldn't remember a thing.

"He raped you Marls." Calum from the corner of the room said.

"No." I whispered. Calum looked the worst out of all the boys sitting in the shared room for Ashton and me. Ashton was still unconscious. 

"Its my fault. I should have fought back. I could have saved you." He weeped. 

"No Cal, come here." I opened my arms for him and he hugged me. I soothed him. Whispering in his ear I told him, "Theres nothing we could have done, He would have killed you and Ashton. I'm just grateful no one is dead and all that was harmed was Ashton and I guess me." He continued to cry though. At some point we all had to break down. Everything that is happening is all at once. And it's killing us all slowly.

"I need some air." Calum said and ran out the room. "I'll go find him." Michael said getting up and following Calum who is too emotionally unstable to be alone. 

What the hell happen to my life.

"Marley Connors?" A doctor asked walking in.

"Uh yeah I guess." I spoke up.

"Some people are here to see you."


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