Marley is a reject. She's invisible to her pupils eyes and all because of one secret that wasn't supposed to be told. Her old friends abandoned her including the well known Ashton Irwin. Who's now in a band not many people know. I guess you can say Marley's alone. But what if someone sees her. Sees her no other could. "What about it Marley?" "What do you mean?" "Its us against the world. You with me?"

*This story is connected with Cassidia's movella called "Different". Please go check that out so you can get both in sites to the story.*


5. Band Practice

I followed Luke into Ashton's garage while getting weird looks from Ashton. I looked around the garage and looked around. It was pretty cool compared to a normal garage. They had light bulb stung on cords hanging from the ceiling with carpet on the floor. Not many garages have carpet on  the floor. 

"Guys, this is Marley, I met her today at school." Luke said gesturing towards me. The black haired kid came up to me first. 

"Hi! I'm Calum. Its nice to meet you Marley!" He said very enthusiastically and nice. He seems like a cool guy. Someone I would definitely like to hang out with. Next the kid with the crazy hair came up to me.

"My name is Michael. Nice to meet you Marley, you have a cool name." He said and gave me a knuckle bump. I laughed at how he called my name cool and said a quick thank you. I looked over to Ashton who had a grim look on his face. Calum and Michael both looked at him like he was crazy. 

"Aren't ya gonna say hi Ash." Calum said and punched his arm lightly. 

"Hi." he said very annoyingly and we all just stood there not talking. Okay talk about awkward. 

"Uh I'll just go.." I said and moved my hands in the direction of the big wide exit Ashton is practically shouting in his mind for me to walk through. I walked out of the garage and down the driveway towards the direction I was going in at first. 



Luke's Pov

Well that could have been more awkward. I looked over to Ashton with wide eyes. 

"What the hell man. You could've been a little nicer towards her. I mean she has had enough from the whole school sh doesn't need it from her former best friend." I said to him and Calum and MIchaels eyes went wide went they heard that Marley used to be his best friend. 

"Wait, so you're telling me Ash knew this girl before now and still was that rude to her." Michael said in astonishment. 

"I tried to be her friend before and stick with her through all that, so it's not my fault when she tries to mosey her way back into my life. She left me alone too!" He said and threw his drumsticks down. 

"Hey hey hey," Calum said trying to calm Ashton down."It's also not her fault either. Just give her another chance. You never know maybe she got over all of that no friends thing."

"It wasn't something you can get over." I said to him. "It's not like she had a choice after you left, mate. Everyone else hated her she couldn't just go around and talk to everyone hoping to find anther best friend." I said now directing towards Ashton now. 

"I know, but it's just difficult to see her and know what happened and know that I left her all alone through that. Know that she left me alone because she didn't want me getting hurt either."

"Am I the only one confused as to this situation." Michael said raising his hand. Calum rose his hand too and looked at him.

'Nah man, I'm in the same boat, but if you listen you can get details to the story." He said and Michael and I just laughed.

"I'm gonna go see if Marley is home so I can get things straight." Ashton said as he left the garage.


Ashton's P.O.V

I walked over to Marley's to set things straight. I would actually love to have her back into my life. She was my best friend since we were in diapers. She has always lived next door to me so it was destined to be friends.Well since the 9th grade that is. 

I walked to the doorstep and rung the doorbell. Reyli answered and she looked annoyed that I was here. 

"Uh is Marley here?" I asked her and stuck my hands in my pockets.

"Who?" Reyli asked and gave a gross look to me. 

"Marley, you're sister." I told her getting annoyed that she plays this game at home. 

"I don't have a sister. Goodbye." she said and shut the door in my face. Well okay how the heck does Marley live there if she doesn't even get acknowledged by Reyli. I started walking away when something caught my eye. I saw someones shoe go into the window followed by a big, orange fluffy, cat. I looked at the tree I was by and saw it had a little built in ladder made by peices of wood nailed in and separated going up the tree. I know you might think this is weird of me to do but I started climbing up the tree. Once I reached the top, I was out of breath and looked in the window to see Marley playing with the big cat. I knocked on the window which may have scared her a bit, because I saw her jump. She looked over to me with big eyes and walked over to me.

"What in the world are you doing here." She said and helped me in by grabbing my hand and pulling me in. 

"I wanted to say I was sorry for the way I acted and I wanted to get things straight." I said and she looked at me with a confused expression. 

"Why, Marley? Why did you make me leave? I could have stuck through it with you." I said and she looked sad. 

"Ashton it's not that easy. I saw that my life was going down the drain and i didn't want you to follow me into the social disaster I call my life. I was just trying to save you. And who knows maybe if you hadn't left me you wouldn't have met the amazing boys that are your friends now." she told me truthfully. I mean she did have a point. "And Ash, it's not your fault this happened to me so don't blame yourself. It's my fault for pushing you away." 

"No, I shouldn't have let you push me away. I should have fought for you. You were my best friend and I really hope we can be like that again." I told her looking into her eyes.

"I'd like that. It has been quite lonely with just Snickers, Scooter, and Sniffer around." She said and motioned to the big cat i saw and the two guinea pigs roaming around the room. 

"Let's start over shall we. Hi, I'm Ashton Irwin and I live next door. I am 2 years old." I said in a kid voice. 

"Wow you're not joking, okay. Hi, I'm Marley Connors, I live right here and I am also 2 years old." she said in a cute baby voice. We both laughed and I gave her a hug.

"I really missed you Tinkerbell." I whispered to her. 

"I really missed you too, Hook." she said and we both laughed again at our silly nicknames we gave each other as children. 

I'm glad I have her back.

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