Why Does the world hate us?

Lianette Genaro is a girl who has never had an actual relationship because of her mother...her mother refuses to let her date anyone at all.....Lianette has rebelled and rebelled but her mother doesn't make things any easier on Lianette.....will Lianette get her happy ending when she meets Josh?


2. The Next Day...

"BUT WHY!!!??" I heard my sister whine
"Shut UP!! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!" I yelled great now I can't go to sleep I sighed and got up
"Coffee?" I questioned 
"In the kitchen" my aunt said
"Thanks" I yawned
"Mornin Goku!" my brother Luis laughed and Tori his girlfriend smacked his arm
"Shut up you douche!" I yelled and went into the bathroom and fixed my hair
"You should be nicer to your sister" Tori scolded him
"Is mom at work?" I asked my aunt
"Yea she gets home at 6" she explained
"Ughh" I groaned "I'm going swimming" I said walking into the bathroom to grab my bathing suit
"We're going to the pool too!" My aunt said as I was putting my bathing suit on
"Fine" I groaned and put on my "You Can't Sit with us" crop top and some shorts I threw my sandals on and walked to the pool. I sat there got a bit of a tan and waited...."Ugh I'm so stupid! I should've told him at least a time to meet me!" I thought and I groaned 
"What's wrong?" my aunt asked 
"Nothing" I sighed deeply
"Are you waiting for that boy?" she asked
"His name is Josh....and no.......well maybe" I smiled slightly "Where's Enrique?" I asked her
"At school" she said
"Nice..." I smiled
"Well.....I'm taking Wanda and William inside" she said
"And I'm going with her" Lily butted in
"Watevz!" I said sarcastically and jumped in the pool
*Later that day*
"I'm going to the pool!" I yelled
"Take a partner!" My aunt said 
"I'm 16 not 5!" I yelled
"Still..." she said 
"Ughhh fine" I groaned and grabbed my sister and I walked down the stairs and walked to the pool and there he was I had a mental victory "He didn't forget!" I yelled in my head and then I pretended I didn't see him and I jumped into the pool
"Hey" he smiled walking up to the pool

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