Hi, my name is Paige, I'm from Canada and I'm 14. I write poetry, because I find it an easy way to express myself. You may wonder, "What's so special about the mind of a teenager?" And well, more than you think. Or less...you decide. I'll just be posting/reblogging some poetry and quotes I feel strongly about, and if you have anything you feel you want to share with me, an opinion or a question, I encourage you to leave it in the comments and I'll try to reply!


6. Untitled Rant 2 (Happiness/Depression)

Happiness/Depression (Untitled Rant 2)

Life is all just a matter of perspective. Once you realize how much anger and depression has blinded you for so long, you'll begin to want to see the world in a different light. Thats what I think is wrong with all of us, really. We focus on all the things wrong with the world, complaining about how bad the world is, when really we're whats making it so bad. Wallowing in pity. And instead of lifting your head and finally seeing life in colour, what is good and beautiful and what can be better if we really stop and try we sit there and talk about it and how nothing ever gets better. If we were to take a minute and think of the rainbow at the end of a storm, and the sun hiding behind the clouds instead of the thunder and lightning, that theres always a happy ending, and that It's not over, and once it is the world will be brighter, and instead of going mad with the noise of the rain hitting against the roof, you'll be falling asleep to it. Everything just seems worse when your upset, and once people start to notice what they have been living with and clear their minds the world might actually find some knowledge, and logic. If we were only able to open our minds I just feel amazing things would really happen. Life could be so different, and it could only be one step away.

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