Through their eyes

A girl called Louisa. She is a victim of bulling and made the worst mistake of her life. This is how she got to her state.


4. What are you doing

I sat and then saw one person come up the stairs. Why one? Where were the rest? Her name was Ashleigh. Ashleigh came up and we embraced we talked about our day.

"So what did you have just then." She asked.

" Science, you?"

" Maths."

"Oh do you like it?"

"No, why do you?"

"Of coarse not it is so boring I rather science."


As we walked we started to drift over to a place where it was out of everyone's view. I didn't realise until Ashleigh said

" oh look at where we are."

I looked around and realised that we had moved and was about to leave when Ashleigh cried.


And I was jumped. It all happened in a flash two people grabbed my arms and rammed me into the wall while others covered my mouth and made sure my legs couldn't move. While I was trying to escape Ashleigh came up to me and whispered in my ear 

"You will pay for ratting us out to the teachers and you will tell no one about this. Ok"

I didn't answer because I was confused, I was ambushed, I didn't tell, I thought they were going to make up, I thought we would be friends but no I was wrong about it all. I thought so many things when a sting came to my face. I felt it before I heard it. Then she screamed


"Yes" I stammered

"Good now shut your mouth and don't say a word you fat piece of nothing."

That is when it started she slapped me on the face, punched me in the stomach so many times I wanted to throw up, kicked me in the shins so I could hardly stand, repeatedly swore at me, knocked my head against the wall and then told me if anyone asked I fell. I had to agree or else it would have been worse that day. Then at lunch the same thing happened I was cornered and they got my hands behind my back and got me to the ground and kicked me over again then Ashleigh pull me up by my hair threw me against the wall and told me to scram.
I didn't do as she said I stood up and yelled at her 

"what are you doing. "

She turned around and inquired 

"You want to know what I'm doing."

I nodded my head

"Making your life miserable. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes.""Well good for you and this is what I think."

And with that her fist swung right into my jaw. Then she sided away to see what her other friends were up to.

I got home in a mess I went straight to my room and didn't come out for an hour. I only came out because my parents where worried so I talked to them and said I just had lots of homework to do. They accepted it and I went back into my room. 

Not long after I heard a message come on my phone then another and another they just kept on coming until I had 171 in total. I procceded to read 10 of them and couldnt read any more. It was all just so unfair there was swearing, calling me names saying I'm fat, ugly, not worth the air. 

I lay in bed that night crying because of the texts. Then I texted Ashleigh and said what are you doing. She didn't answer so I texted her again saying what are you doing. I did it over and over










again until I had sent her 193 texts asking the same question. I saw that she had read them but she just would not answer. Just the joy of thinking she would have that one question running through her mind all night. Thinking what am I doing. Then it would go to why. After that I soon






fell asleep.

I lay in my bed trying to sleep but something was wrong I had that feeling like at the bus stop. I was being watched. But I couldn't be watched this was my room no one could be in here, but I still thought something was wrong. I just couldn't put my finger on it then I realised. What if I had made things worse by sending those texts. What if I am going to pay for it tomorrow. How was I going to pay for it tomorrow. A bleep sounded on my phone. A text. It read " go to sleep. I know you are awake. But don't worry." That scared me more than ever I texted back " what are you doing" then tried to go to sleep but instead stayed up all night to scared to sleep. And what if i was



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