Through their eyes

A girl called Louisa. She is a victim of bulling and made the worst mistake of her life. This is how she got to her state.


3. The start

I don't know how to start this but I know how to end it which is not of any use right now but this is a book about my life and my story so I'm not sure where to start but the beginning.

My first day of school it was all fine, I made friends and they were showing me around the school and made sure I got to classes on time because I came in the middle of term two year 8. They knew the ropes and I didn't so that's what happened for the first week or so then all of them weren't at school one day so I had to find my way around which was ok and then later I found out that they wagged school because they asked if I wanted to join them but I didn't answer because my phone was dead.

They thought I just was ignoring them so they didn't speak to me so I went and hung out with other people. That made them flip and they said that we should be friends again. Then I found a note in my locker that said "If you want to be friends again come to the 

bus stop @ 1:00 pm sharp any earlier or later it is all off."  I wondered why when class still had half an hour to go and in the most deserted part of the school in the middle of the day. My questions were answered at one that day all though I wish I never went but that can not be undone all I can do is tell what happened and look forward. Still puzzling over the note I went and sat down in a bush that was my hide away from every one and the world and sat just thinking. What would happen? Why are they doing this when they seemed angry at me? Will it be a prank or a treaty like what it sounds like on the note? All these questions raced around my mind when the bell went to be in class.


As I sat in class drawing while the teacher talked I thought I heard my name go around the class in some whispers here and there but I was probably dreaming. But the more I listened the more I heard. By the end I got that I was going to skip class to go on a date or something which is weird but that is the sort of stuff that goes around. But how did it start because I didn't even reply to the note so those people won't know if I was coming or not. As I thought about this the idea was very peculiar indeed. But that was the least of my problems at the time for I had to write a creative writing piece so I wrote this poem.
                   The sky will never be the same
               Because the past can never change 
                   Now will be the past 
                   For it never lasts that long
                   But the future is ours
                   Ours now for the taking
                   For the future we can change
                   By doing something different 
              So don't lay back go out and find it
      Then you will have fulfilled your life's goal 
                    By Louisa Stuart 
But when I wrote it it meant nothing now it means every thing in the world to me which is weird but to me this poem has meaning. It means my life it means that what I've done I can not change but the future you can by doing something now. Although we can still wish that we did not do something that changed everything but you can change it but you can also end it. Well that is  my words of 


Meanwhile that rumour was spreading like wild fire around the class and when the bell went, it was around the school. All I could do was keep my head up and walk.

In class I devised a plan to get out and then I could go to the bus stop. But I had to wait till 12:55 so then I can take my time and make sure I was there on time. And when  it was time the teacher said to go outside and find some fauna and bring it back in to study. I made a V line strait to the bus stop.

But then I realised that I would be to early if I went fast so I went to a bush and picked a flower then started to walk slowly to the bus stop.

When I finally got there no one was in sight and then I wondered where my " friends " were and why they weren't here. So I sat down to rest and wait I got a feeling I was being watched and I was in trouble but I put it aside so I would be relaxed. I waited for a couple of minutes and was going to leave until I heard a rustle in the bush. I froze and dared not move I was a bit scared but then I relaxed. I sat back down to wait. 


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