Through their eyes

A girl called Louisa. She is a victim of bulling and made the worst mistake of her life. This is how she got to her state.



That girls name was Louisa and she was a victim of bullying, some one could have stopped it all by stepping in and being her friend, but everyone was to scared. There are other ways of stopping bullying like just telling someone you saw it or videoing it for evidence, just don't ever walk by because the next day they might not be at school and then you are partly responsible and you will always have that riding on your shoulders where ever you go, You will have that guilt because you didn't stop it, you didn't save them from the bullies and them selves, you just stood there and watched it happen or just walk of, you could have been the one that stood up for what's right and done something about it when no one else did, you could have stopped it then and there, you could have stood up and told them to stop, you could have another student at your school today, it all begins and ends with you.

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