When It Reigns

*Roman Reigns Fanfic*


1. 1

I'm scoping out areas in the crowd to walk out. My friends Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are going to arrive later. The plan is for them to walk out as the Shield, trash talk Triple H, his wife Stephanie and Seth, then Roman says that he and Dean have a surprise for them. That's when I am to come out, my entrance theme Gloriana's 'Wild At Heart', because my ring name is 'Wild Heart'. 

"Yo, Cassi.".

I smile, knowing that Roman and Dean have arrived. I turn around to find Roman sitting in one corner and Dean in another. I let them listen to the song I'm going to walk out to and I see Roman's eyes light up.

"What are you thinking, Roman," I ask him, not expecting a response.

"Why don't we have Dean walk out by himself, and then he introduces the Shield? Are you following me guys?".

"Yeah, keep going, Roman," Dean says.

"So, Dean walks out from the crowd, down to the ring and introduces the Shield again like he did two years ago. When Triple H says, 'There used to be more than you.', that's when Cassi and I walk out, either to her theme or the Shield's.".

The three of us stand in the middle of the ring after walking down from the crowd area, getting ready to go and get ready for the show.

"On three," Dean asks.

"On three," Roman agrees with him.




"SHIELD, " we shout together.

~Later at the show~

I can hear Triple H and Stephanie making some ridiculous rules and saying that the wrestlers have to answer to the Authority. I let a smile creep across my lips, just as I hear the Shield theme begin playing and I see Dean walking down the opposite side of the arena.

I hear this:

"What are you doing here, Ambrose?" (Stephanie).

"I'm here to make an announcement." (Dean).

"Why?" (Seth).

"Because The Shield is here, and we don't answer to the Authoritiy."(Dean).

"There used to be more than one of you." (Triple H).

I hear 'Wild At Heart' begin playing, Roman tapping me on my shoulder telling me to go. We both begin walking down the steps, the crowd cheering us on, giving us high fives. I jump the barricade and Roman follows me. I smile at Stephanie, her pretty face shocked.

"This is the new Shield, you three know Roman and myself, but let my introduce you to our new friend.".

Roman takes the mic and says, "This is Wild Heart, she's from Oklahoma and well, she's here to wrestle.".

 "Hello," I say, smirking at Seth, then to Dean and Roman, "Let's do this.".

"Sierra," Roman says.

"Hotel," I say, pulling my hood over my head.

"India," Dean comments, holding his right hand out.

"Echo," Roman says, placing his hand on top of Ambrose's.

"Lima," I say placing my hand on top of Roman's.

"Delta," Dean says, glaring at Seth, Triple H and Stephanie.

"SHIELD," we shout throwing our hands in the air.

 We can do this!

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