Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


6. The mystery of the Brown Cat

 Harry fluttered open his eyes. It was the middle of the night. He turned and saw a dark brown haired girl with green eyes staring at him he quickly closed his eyes. It's probably just a dream he told himself. Then he fell asleep.



When Harry woke up he saw the brown cat lying in his arms. It woke up and meowed. He got up and placed the cat on the floor. He went over to his trunk and pulled on some clothes. He looked over to Ron's bed to find it empty. He had already went down for breakfast. He went downstairs into the Great Hall. There was Ginny, with a empty seat beside her. He saw Anlinga try to go sit by her and then saw Fred say something and she walked away. He made his way over to the seat beside Ginny. He sat down and turned to Ginny. Hey. She said. He turned to Ron who was sitting next to him on his left. Here's a schedule sheet said Ron. He handed it to Harry. Thanks. Remember said Fred you and Ginny have to pick the same classes! Harry sighed. He ate a bite of pancakes and then turned to Ginny. Well um let's see....Ginny smiled. I already got it figured out, you'll like it. She said. She pushed her sheet towards Harry. He scanned the list.


10:00- Transfigureation

11:00- Hebolegy

12:00- Lunch

1:00- History of magic

2:00- Defense against the dark arts


Ugh double potions! Sorry said Ginny It was the only choice. He nodded then begun to finish his pancakes. Seamus came over and sadly asked them if they were dating. Give us some privacy please. He took the book out of Hermione's hands ( Hey!) And put it between His and Ginny's faces. They looked over at Fred who lip sank Do more this time. Harry sighed. MMMMMMMM

MMMM! He moved his head fiercely. Fred motioned for them to go on. YUMMY! Said Ginny. I love you Harry said quietly. Fred then burst out laughing. Harry put down The book threw it to Hermione and shooed Seamus away.  That was I mean WOW! Said Fred and George. Man your really getting into it. Said Ron. I really think that stealing other people's books shouldn't be in the dare...Said Hermione.  Harry looked over at Ginny she was blushing a lot. Harry's comment probably sounded weird. Ron got up and motioned for Harry and Hermione to follow him. Ginny got up as well. Hey I never said you could come! Said Ron. I have to stay with Harry remember? Ron groaned and sat back down. Instead he leaned in and shooed Ginny to talk to Fred. I think we should find out what the brown cat is all about. He leaned in closer. I woke up in the middle of the night said Ron and saw the same girl we did talking to Fred sitting on Harry's bed! I thought it was a dream so I fell asleep. Hey! Said Harry. I saw that too! And I also thought it was a dream! Shhhh. Said Hermione. Sorry.  I think when like Ginny goes to the bathroom or goes to bed, we should discuss in the common room. Sounds like a plan, said Hermione. They leaned back and continued eating breakfast. Several people came up to Harry and Ginny. The last person that came up was Cho Chang. Harry blushed.  This was really awkward. He didn't really like Ginny, but Cho was well his crush! He pretended he needed to go to the bathroom and ran out the Hall. He accidentally went the wrong way for the bathroom so Cho and Ginny got up and ran towards him. So you never answered my question. Harry instead leaned in close to Ginny where his mouth was cm away from the neck, and pretended to whisper something. Ginny went along, and giggled then went ohhhhhhh and part of Harry's plan Ginny said I love you this time. Cho's eyes widended and walked away.  They then Ginny grabbed Harry's hand because Fred stared at them harshly, and they walked together to the table. They sat down where they were sitting and Harry turned to Ginny. For some reason she looked very pretty right now. Her eyes glowing shining skin. He shook his head. No he liked Cho. He looked over at Cho and saw the same thing.  Prettiest. On his opinion. After breakfast Ron and Hermione decided to go ask Fred about the brown cat sense Ginny had to stay by Harry's side. Harry saw Fred shake his head, and then shoo them away. Cho was near by watching them closely. Hold on sweetie I will be right back. Said Ginny and she skipped towards the bathroom.  Ron Hermione and Harry leaned in and talked. What did he say? He asked. He said I don't know what you are talking about. Yes we have proof that girl is a animagus. It only makes sense! Ginny started to come back over, we will talk about this tonight. They nodded and leaned back. Fred told me to take your hand because we're done eating. She took his hand and the rested them on the table. Ginny's hand was so warm. I thought we should do something fun! The day before term starts! Said Hermione. Like what? Well um go on the grounds? Visit Hagrid? Ok they said.  Ginny stood up grabbed Harry's hand, and they all 4 went to the grounds. They made their way down. Seamus was behind them watching them closely. Ginny rubbed her head on his shoulder and said cold. Oh sweetie Harry said. He rubbed his hand on the shoulder. They did that in till Hagrid opened the door. Hia- er arry inny I didn't know...We'll talk more in the hut. They went in and sat down. Ginny and Harry let go of one another sense Fred and George weren't around. No Hagrid it was a dare. Said Hermione. I'll make ea said Hagrid. He got up and put a pot on the stove and stirred around. After the tea was done, they all sipped happily. Oh my! Said Ginny. A owl pecked on the window. It's for me I will be right back!  When she closed the door, Ron went into action. Hagrid do you know anything about a brown cat that is always attached to Harry? Hagrid's eyes widended. Uh o I ont ecall? Hermione had a I think your lying sort of face. Then Ginny came back. Just from mum. She said. After they left Hagrid's it was about 3:00 Ginny clutched Harry's hand, and to pass the time they went to the library. Oh I have a book on hold! Said Ginny. Be right back! After she left Hermione ran to a shelf and pulled out a book. She came running back. This book shows all the wizards and witches that are  animagus. She opened the book.  We know it's a girl, so we have to look for a girls name. That will take forever! Said Harry. Let's narrow it down to one person. Said Ron. She looked like Harry. What if you have a relative that isn't dead! Look for The last name potter.  Hermione flipped through pages ah ha Lauryn Potter - brown cat! Guys I think we got it!  Ginny came back and Hermione shut the book closed. Tonight they were going to find out about

                         Lauryn Potter

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