Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


9. The Goblet of fire

When Harry woke up, Ron was changing. Hey your awake! He said. Lauryn is down stairs with Hermione, but of course as a cat.  Harry got up and changed into his school robes. He and Ron walked down to see Hermione sitting on a armchair with a brown cat in her arms. Ginny was beside her, petting it. Ginny saw Harry's approach, and smiled.  Then Everyone came down from the dormitories. Harry and Ginny took hands, and Him, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron went down for breakfast. When they got down there Ron entered the Goblet of fire.  Then Harry saw Cedric Diggory put his name in the Goblet of fire. Tonight, we will find out champions. Said Ginny. Then Cho Chang came up. Hi Harry! Umm just wanted to say, if you're entering, Good luck? Harry nodded then said. I'm not entering. Cho smiled. Ok then. Then she took a piece of parchment and slid it into The Goblet. Your entering? He asked. Yeah, I I am. Then she walked off. They sat down and began to eat. Hey did we ever figure out who's Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? Asked Ron. Well no because, Snape was teaching it for yesterday... Haven't you heard? Said Ginny. Mad-eye moody is! Harry nodded even though he didn't know him. After breakfast the went to Transfigureation. I can't WAIT! Said Ginny. If well one of you get picked well Ron you'd get 1,000 Gallons! Ron grinned. I hope.... He said. 



After their classes were done, everyone ran to the dormitories dropped their bags, and ran back downstairs for Dinner, and the announcement of the Triwiazrd Tournament champions. Harry had brought Lauryn in cat form, because she said she wanted to see the champions. Everyone ate fairly quickly wanting to know who the champions were. Finally as the plates cleared from dessert, Dumbledore stood up. Now is the time we all we've been waiting for. He walked to the Goblet. And waited. Several moments past, Finally the flames turned red. Huh people gasped. A slip of parchment flew out of the Goblet. Dumbledore caught it and looked at the name. Cedric Diggory!  The Hufflepuffs erupted into cheers. Harry clapped like all the others, ready for the next name.  Charlotte Bradley! Who's that? Asked Ginny. Harry recognized a girl his age with shortish brown hair. She always wore a clip to keep the bangs out of her eyes. She walked up with Cedric and Dumbledore pointed to a door, in the back of the Hall towards the teachers table. They entered them closed the door.  Everyone went silent. Ginny Wealsey! Ginny looked shocked. She slid in her seat. Ron gasped at her. I didn't enter she lip sank. Nobody clapped. Ginny Weasley! Dumbledore repeated more loudly. Ginny slowly got up and walked towards the front. She slowly went through the door and shut it. Well we have are 3 champions- suddenly the flames turned red again. A piece of Parchment flew into Dumbledore's hands. Harry Potter. He murmured. Harry Potter! He yelled. Harry sank. Hermione looked shocked. HARRY POTTER! Hermione dragged him up and pushed him towards the front. He walked slowly to The door. No cheers. He opened the door and entered.


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