Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


11. The First task

  Harry awoke and got dressed. Ron had gone to breakfast already. Time had passed and only a week remained in till the first task. After breakfast He and Ginny and Neville went to the lake. Neville was half way in the water looking at plants while he and Ginny were looking through books. Harry felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see Hermione and Ron. Ronald would like me to tell you that he heard from Parvati, that she heard from Seamus that he heard from Dean, that Hagrid was looking for you. Well you tell Ron- wait what? He said. Hagrid's looking for you. Then she turned with Ron on her heels and walked away. But then she stopped and ran back to Harry. She whispered in his ear, you should bring your invisibility cloak, tonight at 12:00, Hagrid will be waiting. Then she walked away. 



Later that night, he went out the common room with his cloak on and went down to Hagrid's. Hagrid cam out and asked, ring the oak? Yeah he said. Ut it on. Harry obeyed and followed Hagrid into the forbidden forest. They walked in silence. In till Harry heard a mighty Roar!  They kept walking in till they came to a clearing. There was four dragons,  struggling in their cages. Three dragons were being contained by three or two wizards. But there was one that twenty wizards were trying to control. STUPFY! They yelled At is the irst ask. Said Hagrid. Harry gasped. Dragons? Dragons ?that's the first task!  Charlie Weasley came over and said the champions got a real treat. Then the got into a conversation. Harry decided it was a good time to leave. He walked back to the common room to find only Ginny sitting in a armchair asleep. Harry tried to tip toe past, but she awoke. I heard that Hagrid was looking for you. He showed you the dragons right. Yeah...you...you..know? Uh huh he showed me a hour ago. I wanted to wait for you to tell you that I know. Then she went upstairs. Harry did as well,and when he got to his dormitory he found the boys hid age asleep. He slid in bed and fell right asleep.



In the morning he explained what Hagrid showed him to Hermione. Ok well Harry what are your strengths? Oh wait I don't even have to ask, flying! Harry you can use the summoning charm to summon your broomstick at the task! Yeah ok.... you sure I was having a pretty hard time learning them on Charms class. You'll learn. I'll teach you!



Throughout the week Harry was practicing the charm every spare moment.  It was in till the night right before the task. It was 10:00 and everyone had gone to bed except him and Hermione. Come on try this feather.  Accio Feather! The feather flew across the room stopped mid way then dropped. Ugh! Well good improvement! She said.  They kept practicing in till it was 12:00. I'm never gonna get it...He said. We can try and think of a different way? Did you ever tell Cedric about the dragons? Asked Hermione. Yeah. Harry had found out that Charlotte knew about the dragons because of her sister that was trying to control the dragons. And Ginny knew so he decided to tell Cedric. He carelessly pointed at the dictionary in Hermione's hands and said, Accio Dictionary! The book flew across the room into his hands. Harry I really think you got it! Said Hermione! Get to bed come on... Harry ran up the stairs and got into bed. He fell asleep right when his head hit the pillow.



When Harry woke up, and jumped out of bed. He looked at the clock. Only 8:30. The task started at 10:00. He quickly got dressed and went down for breakfast. He sat by Hermione and Ginny. I'm...scared..... Said Ginny. Me too...He said.  Know what your doing for the task? Um sort of....I'm still....trying....to.....add.....stuff..... Finally he finished his Eggs. 9:45.  MoGonagall came and got all the champions.  Now follow me. They went outside and walked for about 3 minutes in till they came to a stadium in a huge field.  But instead she lead them thorough the stadium and into a clearing of trees. They walked in till they saw a tent. Alright now get in...They all walked inside.   Then MoGonagall left. Cedric started pacing around the inside of the tent. Charlotte sat on  and wooden chair. Ginny sat on the floor, she was shaking constantly. And Harry sat in a chair. They waited for about 15 minutes in till they heard voices out outside. The school was coming to watch the first task. No! Harry thought. He was nervous, he was terrified, he was Scared!  Harry thought he heard Mofaly's voice saying, I don't think Potter will last 10 minutes in this tournament. My farther disagrees, he thinks he won't last 5! Then the voice passed. Finally Dumbledore, Barty Crouch , and Bagman came in. Alright Champions gather round...He was holding a purple silk  handbag in his hands.  You will put your hand in the bag and pick one of the four items in this bag. All the champions knew what was coming.  Mrs. Bradley if you please... Charlotte reached into the bag and pulled out a green Dragon. Welish Green....Ginny... She reached into the bag flinched and pulled out a dragon. Chinese Fireball. Said Barty. Mr. Diggory, He reached in the bag and pulled out another Dragon. Swedish short- snout. No! Harry thought. He's has battle the Dragon that twenty wizards were handling! Potter...He reached into the bag and pulled it out. Hungarian Horntail.... Champions all these objects represent very 4 live dragons, that were given a golden egg to protect. Your goal, collect the egg, without the egg you may not proceed to the next task for the egg is a clue. If you look carefully you can see numbers around the dragons neck. That will represent what order you will battle your Dragon. Mr. Diggory I believe you are first. Said Dumbledore. Cedric nodded. When we announce your turn you may come out and enter the stadium.  Then the exited. Cedric stood there by the tent flap as the rest of them sat down in their spots.  Harry Heard Dumbledore's voice. Hello Everyone! This is the Triwiazrd Tournament first task!  Bunch of cheers. The champions have been notified about this task, their job is to well let's just say ,  collect the golden egg.   A mighty ROAR told the champions they just brought in the Dragon. People gasped.  May the first champion enter! Cedric slowly walked out, and went towards the stadium. Charlotte traced Cedric's steps by walking around the inside of the tent as he did. Harry listened Carefully. He heard a lot of ROARS and gasps and Dumbledore 's voice.  Finally All that noise died down. And cheers took place instead. That had meant Cedric had succeeded. Charlotte looked at her Dragon and shivered. She was next.  And Now for are next champion! Said Bagman this time.  Charlotte made her way out of the tent. Harry Heard cheers as Charlotte entered. He and Ginny were there alone, listenting to the crowd. There was a huge Roar and then silence, and Then more ROARS. Bagman was saying stuff like wish didn't see that coming. Finally cheers witch meant Charlotte had succeeded.  Now for are next champion. Said Dumbledore's voice. Ginny took a big breath and left the tent slowly.  Harry listened hard. He heard a lot of gasps and ROARS he also heard a ear piercing scream.  Then all that died down and cheers erupted. Ginny had succeeded.  3 of are champions have took turn now are last champion may enter. Said Bagman. Harry slowly got up and stuck the miniature Horntail is his pocket. He walked out. He entered the stadium. And saw the Horntail. Harry didn't move but he pointed his wand in the air and yelled Accio Firebolt! Then the Dragon charged at him. Harry ran to a rock and took cover the Dragon blew fire on the rock. Harry Heard a faint sound of wind moving fast. He looked behind the rock and saw his Firebolt zooming towards him. He jumped on it and Bagman's voice went out of his mind. He zoomed up ward trying to get the Dragon to fly up. It wouldn't budge. He flew towards the ground near the Dragon. Hey! The Dragon stretched out a claw.  He flew back. The Dragon roared. He flew up wards and finally the Dragon broke his chains and  flew up towards Harry. Yes.....He thought he flew towards the castle swirling as he went. He flew out of the stadium. The Dragon followed. Finally Harry dived back, but the Dragon blew fire towards his way. Ouch! He got a bad burn.  He flew back and the Dragon followed. This time he flew back faster then he could imagine and flew towards the egg. With a mighty swoop he grabbed the egg.  Cheers erupted and the sound came back in his ears. He flew to the ground as wizards pulled the Dragon away. He jumped off and walked to MoGonagall. Madam Promfy grabbed his arm and pushed him towards another tent close by. You can get your scores in minute. She pushed him through the flap and saw Ginny in a bed Charlotte in a bed, and Cedric in a bed. He laid down on the empty one and Madam tPromfy whipped some cream on his burn. Nasty things Dragons....she said. Alright go see your scores. Harry got up and went back towards the stadium. Ron and Hermione stopped him on the way. I...I reckon...you'd be.....mad if......you put.....your.......name.....in the Goblet. Said Ron. Caught on have you? Sorry he said. They hugged. Boys! Said Hermione she was crying. What the- you fools! Then she ran off.  Well back to earth said Ron. Let's go see your scores. You were the fastest champion to get he egg you know. The went into the stadium and looked towards a table where the judges were sitting. Dumbledore pointed his wand in the air and golden sparks formed a 9. Good so far. Said Ron. Then Barty pointed his wand and the sparks formed a 7 Good! Said Ron.  Then Bagman his formed a ten! Ten! What's he playing at! Said Ron. Finally snape his wand and the sparks turned into a four? FOUR? Snape is just plain rude, buta least you got high scores! Then he and Ron walked in the trees as Ron told him what the other champions did. Cedric transformed a rock into a dog and the Dragon sorta went for that.... Charlotte tried to hypnotize the Dragon it sorta worked...and Ginny well she tried to talk to it she did a  spell to let her talk to the Dragon she was saying how handsome it was, then it turned out to be a mother...Harry laughed he loved having Ron as a friend again. 



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