Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


15. The Egg

 Harry awoke in the middle of the night. He looked at his watch. 3:25 am He quietly got out of bed and put on his bath robe. He grabbed his invisibility cloak, Maraurder's map, Golden Egg,and slippers and walked out of the dormitory.   Nobody was in the common room. He walked to the door and it opened. Who's there? Asked the fat lady portrait. He kept silent and made his way to the fifth floor.  Hmmmm hum hum said Peeves as he floated by. Finally he got to the fifth floor. He found the perfects bathroom and whispered " lemon" the door opened. He went inside and closed the door. He tried to find a lock but found none. He turned around to see a huge bathtub that looked like a pool.  Then beside that were stalls, then a little ways away were sinks and mirrors.  He went over to the water handles on the bathtub. There was many. He randomly started pulling some.  One was bubbles, another was perfume, another was hot water, then cold water. He decided on all of them making the water warm. It started to fill up.  He got undressed and  waited in till the bathtub filled.  It filled and he turned the nobs off.  He got in a quickly did some laps of swimming.  Then he swam over to the edge where his egg was and he was about to pick it up when he heard something. A moan. Moaning Myrtle flew out of a toilet and flew into the bathtub. Harry screeched. Myrtle I'm not wearing anything! Don't worry I closed my eyes when you got in. Harry rolled his eyes and grabbed the egg. What gonna put it under the water? Asked Myrtle. Yeah. He put in under water, and opened it. He heard no screaming.  Well go on. Said Myrtle. She was about to go under with him in till Harrry stopped her. I'm still not wearing any clothes. Fine. She said. He put his face under water and heard a beautiful voice singing:



Come and seek us where are voices sound,

We can not sing above the ground,

A hour long you'll have to look,

to recover what we took,

But passed the hour prosper's black ,

to late it's gone it won't come back


Harry went up and got a chance to breath.  Well? Asked Myrtle.  It was a song. A song.  It said they can't sing above the ground, they've stolen something from me, I have a hour to look for it, but passed the hour it won't come back. Ohhhhh said Myrtle. But what's a creature that can sing, not above the ground.....it's gotta be human sorta...... Wait! Myrtle is there merpeople in the black lake? Oh yes.....took ages for the other guy Cedric to figure it out. Said Myrtle. But what will they steal from me?  Hmmmm I don't know that one! Said Myrtle.  Wait I think I have a good idea about this...... Myrtle close your eyes I'm getting out!  He got out and got dressed. Harry are you dating? Asked Myrtle. Um why? Just wondering. Said Myrtle. Um yes. Who? Ginny Weasley. Myrtle pounded her fist in her hand and then got red in the face. Awkward. Thought Harry.He said good by to Myrtle and walked back.  He watched the ground to make sure he didn't step on the fake step.  What will they take?  He  wondered.  He went back to the common room to see Ginny asleep in a armchair like a couple of months ago. She looked so pretty snoozing there. He went over and tapped her. She fluttered her eyes open and smiled. I heard you getting up and saw you leave so I decided to wait for you.  He nodded. They sat there for a second holding hands. Harry said be right back, to her and went upstairs to drop his things. Then he went back down to tell her all what he learned.  Wow! Why did you tell Myrtle you were dating me? Ummm well. Ginny rolled her eyes.  Then her eyes dropped and she fell asleep. Harry smiled and rested her on the armchair more comfortablely and laid down in a armchair beside her. He then fell asleep as well.





Hi guys!

I hope your enjoying my story. I'm having a little trouble thinking of names. So you can enter a name describe the color hair, ( it has to be a girl character) what she is wearing. Then enter it as soon as possible. The deadline is 2 weeks from now. That would be Saturday the 19 if I am correct. If I have to I will expand. Thanks!


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