Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


19. Ginny's words

  Harry woke up and went down to breakfast.  He sat down beside Hermione who was already there eyes glued to a book while eating cereal.   Oh hi Harry.  She said.  No looking at him yet.  Seen Ron?  He asked.  Yes,  he went with professor MoGonagall to check out his essay.  As for me,  I got a A+.  She said.  Harry laughed.  Yeah, not surprised.  Ginny came up and sat down on his other side.  I heard laughing, what did I miss?   She said.  Oh nothing, nothing.  He answered.  She begun to eat her cereal,  eyes glued to her bowl.  Harry wondered if she was embarrassed by saying her confession,  as if to say,  She still liked him.  He wondered if she set up that so Charlotte would break up with him.  But that didn't sound like Ginny.  He finished his cereal,  and met up with Ron half way to the grounds, with Hermione.  MoGonagall said that my essay wasn't bad, but it was spectacular!  She said if there was a grade beside A+ she would give me it!  Ron said.  She said I had the best essay!  Hermione stopped dead in her tracks.   What!?  Did I hear wrong?  You got a A+ in your essay!?  She yelled.  Uh huh.  He answered.   She said you had the best essay in the class!?  She yelled.   Yes.  He answered once again.  Hermione's mouth dropped open.  Why so shocked?  Ron asked.  Hermione closed her mouth,  and continued the walk to the grounds.  Harry and Ron snickered.  They met up with Neville and Ginny, and they all walked around the black lake.  The task the third task is coming up.  Whispered Ginny in his ear.  Yeah, wait when?  About,  2 months.  But still it's very close.  She said.  Harry nodded, and continued the walk.  Harry I'm sorry about Charlotte.  She said.  It's nothing.  I really didn't like her, anyway.  She's the one that kissed me.  He said.  Ginny nodded.  A guy like you can't not have a girlfriend, well sense your so famous! She said.  What's that supposed to mean? He asked.  I never should of believed that video.  She leaned In, as well as him, and they kissed.  Better than the last time.  Better then when he kissed Charlotte.  Very very much better.  They broke apart,  and smiled.  Ron, Neville, and Hermione were staring at them, mouths hanged open.  Wha- how?  Asked Ron.  Let's just say, it was Ginny's words.  He said.  Ginny smiled,  and she skipped away,  towards the grounds.  In till she was out of site.  Why did she leave? Asked Hermione.  She said she had to get a necklace she dropped,  a couple days ago.  Said Neville.  They walked back, to the castle,  and went to Hebolegy.  It was boring, like usual, but Harry noticed  Ginny did not come.  After tons of classes.  She did not come.  Finally,  after Dinner,  Harry ran onto the grounds.  He was going to find her.  


Hey guys!


I'm very very sorry this chapter was not long at all,  but. I decided that this pastry should be called a different chapter, and a new chapter.  Thanks!


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