Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


18. Charlotte's Angry Argument

  Harry woke up and looked at Ron's bed. He was still asleep.  Few.  If he was quiet he won't wake up.  He quietly got up and got dressed. Then he tip toed down the staircase, to see Hermione in the common room sitting in a armchair reading a book.  Oh hi Harry.  But she was still looking at her book.  How's  Ron- AH!  She screamed.  What?  She finally looked up from her book and was looking at him.  Harry........your......your.....face........   What about it?  Probably used the charm in our charm book.  She muttered.   What?  Oh but I don't know a spell to fix that........She muttered again.   WHAT?! He was worried now.  She summoned a mirror from her dormitory, and held it in front of Harry.  AH! He screamed himself.  His nose was scrunched up, his lips were fat and puffy.   I'm so sorry Harry I don't have a spell to heal it!  Suddenly Ginny came down rubbing her eyes.  AH! Oh Harry! Yeah I know........  So sorry Harry! Hermione said again.  I have a spell.  Ginny muttered.   You do? Asked Harry and Hermione at the same time.  Yeah Neville gave me a book that has it in it.  She took out her wand and pointed it at his face.   Episkey!  His nose and lips snapped, and went back to normal.  His nose started to bleed.  Oh! Ginny grabbed a tissue and held it to his nose.  There all better.  She said.  Thanks.  He said.  Ginny what was that book called? Of course that was the only thing she said after what all happened.  Try Healing Spells.  She said.  Hermione nodded went through the pothole and towards the Library.  Then Charlotte came down.  WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING? She yelled.  Um talking? Said Ginny.  TALKING? TALKING? LIKELY STORY!  WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING SNOGGING HERE WHEN NO ONES LOOKING?  She yelled.  Harry got angry.  WE WEREN'T SNOGGING!  OH YEAH SURE! She yelled.  YOU KNOW WHAT?  By now people were in the common room listening to the argument.  YOUR JUST LIKE RON! He yelled.  RUDE CRUEL NASTY AND OH YEAH  DUMB!  OH YEAH THATS WHAT YOU THINK! She yelled.  YEAH MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!  He yelled.  I DON'T EVEN LIKE HIM! She yelled.  WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD LEARN TO! He yelled.   YOU KNOW WHAT RONS NOT RUDE CRUEL NASTY OF DUMB YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHOS THAT.  YOUR THE REASON YOU HURT YOURSELF LAST NIGHT.  YOU HURT YOURSELF.  YOU WERE MEAN TO RON!  YOU CAME INTO RONS LIFE, MY LIFE, INTO EVERYONE'S LIFE! He yelled.  AND NOW RONS WITH MOFALY.  I DON'T HAVE A BEST FRIEND NOW!   WE DID EVERYTHING TOGETHER! He yelled.  Charlotte went silent.  I never thought of it that way.  She muttered quietly that even only Harry could hear.  Ron pushed through the crowd and came running towards Harry.  He flung himself on Harry.  Sorry dude.  Should've never joined Mofaly.  Your right.  I don't like Charlotte.  Not at all.  Harry smiled.  They looked over at Charlotte who ran up the girls staircase.  Nice going.  Said Ron.   I guess that's the end of our relationship.  He said.  Ron laughed.  You met Ya.  He said.  Hermione came through the pothole.  What is all the fuss!? She yelled.  Let's just say we had some ups and downs.  Said Ron.  Harry laughed.  Uh huh.   



The rest of the day, they hanged around doing nothing but hanging out.  Sense it was Sunday they could basically do anything.  They talked about Charlotte's face when she stomped off and all.  They talked and talked in till it was night, and they went to bed.  Harry fell asleep,  thinking of Ron never ever going to the dark side.

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