Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


21. Before The Third Task

 Over the next few weeks, all Harry did was practice for the third task.  Hermione insisted he keep practicing spells so he could be prepared.  He rarely got to even see Ginny, because every spare moment was practice time.  The task was one only 3 days away.  Ok now slowly lift your wand- started Hermione.  Hermione I know!  He yelled.  He raised his wand and yelled,  IMPERIO!  Nothing happened.  Harry I thought we were doing the shield charm!  Yelled Hermione.  Ugh but the shield charm I've tried for weeks and I can't master it! Hermione sighed. Ok ok just try on more time, and then we can go to dinner.  He raised his wand and was about to do the shield charm, but Ron came bounding down the stairs.  Time to eat! He yelled.  Harry ran off with Ron hearing Hermione yelling HARRY!  


So how's the spells going? Ron asked him during dessert.  I'm doing fine, but Hermione keeps on insisting that I keep on trying the shield charm even though I can't do it.  Ron rolled his eyes.  Hermione Hermione.  Don't listen to her unless you absolutely have to. Ron said. Harry nodded.  Harry! Hermione was coming towards them.  Harry! I told you to stay and practice the shield charm one more time!  She yelled.  Hermione! I'm fine!  I bound to have enough spells for the third task! He yelled.  Harry the task is 3 days away!  She yelled.  3 days! 3 days! Yeah that's a little ways away!  He yelled.  Hermione sighed, sat down, and begun to eat.  Ron leaned in and whispered in his ear,  Harry the task is 3 days away.  You should be careful, and well practice some more spells.  Harry slammed his form down.  WILL YOU STOP WORRYING ABOUT MY LIFE?! He screamed.  No Harry we won't because your out friend!  Your the boy who lived!  Yelled Hermione.  Harry sighed.  He got up and left early,  He was sick of Ron and Hermione worrying about his life.  He went up to the common room, and called for his sister.  LAURYN!  LAURYN COME DOWN HERE!  Lauryn creeped down the stairs.  Yes?  The task is 3 days away.  What should I do?  Harry, I think you should listen to your friends, and be prepared.  Harry, I saw what the third task is, you......Harry please just be prepared.  Harry sighed, and sat in a armchair.  She went over to him, and patted him on the shoulder.  Being a Potter is tough.  She said.  Harry sighed.  Tell me about it.




Harry woke up the day of the task.  He got up and walked down the stairs to breakfast.  He sat down beside Ginny.  Hey Harry.  She said.  Hi uh hi.  I'm Harry I'm..........scared.   Me too, I think everyone is worried and scared.  Harry the task starts at dusk.  You should be prepared.  Why does everyone keep on saying that?  Because you should Harry!  She said.  She got up, I need to get ready, it might be at dusk, but for me, it's just minutes away.  Then she walked away. He begun to eat his breakfast, furious that even his girlfriend was telling him that he should be prepared.  After he finished, he did what Ginny did, and got ready.  But he figured out he really didn't have anything to get ready.  Dumbledore was giving them, their shirts,  his wand was in his pocket, he didn't have a strategy to go over, because he didn't know what the third task was.  He decided he could at least pick out his pants, and shoes.  He rummaged through his trunk,  and settled on his black sweat pants.  He was or course wearing his tennis shoes, and then he had nothing to do.  He went down to the common room, with Ron, asking him what they should do.  Hermione overheard and said he should practice some spells.  Harry and Ron rolled their eyes.




Finally it was after Dinner, and the task was minutes away.  Everyone left to file into the stands except for the champions.  Dumbledore beckoned them over.  Your families have come to see the last task.  Go on go on, their in the chamber by the teacher's table.  Charlotte, and Cedric skipped on up, while his stomach lurched.  Had the Durlseys come to see the task?  Ginny stayed behind with him.  Come on Harry!  She said.  The Durlseys. Did they really come?  He asked.  Ginny patted his back.  Even if they did, I'm sure MoGonagall would have forced them.  Harry smiled.  They walked into the chamber and saw Bill.  Hey Ginny mum couldn't make it.  Ginny's face sank.  Then her face perked up and laughed.  SURPRISE HARRY!  Yelled a voice.  Harry saw Mrs. Weasley, and Charlie.  Oh you guys!  He yelled. We came to see the third task!  She yelled.  For a second, I thought the Durlseys, they had come........  Mrs. Weasley laughed.  No never.

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