Harry Potter's older sister

Harry Potter finds out he has a older sister. But how? Read for yourself and find out.


4. Arriving at the Burrow

 When i woke up I got out of bed and quickly got dressed. 5:00 was sooo far away. I decided anything could past the time. I realized i should pull weeds. Last time that took forever, and i didn't pull all the weeds last time... But if i volunteer they will get suspieous. I decided to just pretend to do magic. Then i will be sent outside to do gardening but instead i will try to see if i can get that cat to come back. I went downstairs and sat at the table loudly so Dudley will hear me. As planned, Dudley got up and came charging at me. I did this odd wave thing with my hands and Dudley stopped dead in his tracks. MUM HARRY'S DOING MAGIC AGAIN!!!!!  Harry go pull weeds again! Aunt Petuina said. I got up and went through the front door and closed it loudly. I sat down on the bench like last time and waited. Then the brown cat came out of the bushes and sat down beside him like yesterday. This time the cat did not cry but it did climb on my lap. It meowed as i stroked it, it's fur was soft ans silky it felt good in my hands. I  sat there with the cat and stroked it for what seemed like hours, but i enjoyed it. Finally as the late afternoon came by i got up and kindly shooed the cat away. The cat obeyed and dissapeared. i went through the front door. and went upstairs to get my trunk. I silently tried to carry my trunk down without the Dursleys knowing but the trunk was so heavy. I tried my best but at the bottem step i slipped and my trunk fell to the ground with a thud. Aunt Petunia came rushing through and at the same time the doorbell rang. Harry jumped up and threw the door open and there was Ron standing there. Uncle Veron came busting through and looked at Ron to Harry to Harry's trunk. AHHH PETUINA HE'S GETTING AWAY! I jumped into action and threw my trunk out the door. I was about to run through the door when Uncle Veron stepped in the way. I shoved him away and was fighting off them. Ron was just standing there akwardly staring at the fight. I finally manged to shove them off and ran through the door.  Ron picked up my trunk and we sprinted to the car. ron threw the my trunk in the trunk of the car and pushed me in he then jumped in and shut the door. Harry looked to the front and saw Mr. Wealsey. Should we do something? he asked. NO DAD JUST GO! Ron yelled. Mr. Weasley then drove away. Harry tell me how did  it feel fighting with muggles. said Mr. Weasley it was very entertaining to watch. Uh... it was i mean ut felt good?  Finally they arrived at the burrow sooner then Harry expected. Him and Ron got out and went through the front door. Their house was amazing. Fred, George, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley were there to greet him. Hello darling how are you? Mrs. Weasley asked. Great! i said. Wonderful! She turned to Fred and George as Fred nuged George very hardly. George nodded and they ran upstairs. Come on we should spy on them they have been doing this for a while and i wanted to wait till you were here. They too ran upstairs. As they were climbing the stairs they ran into Hermione. I was just about to come down stairs! she said. No need come on Harry said. They contiuned up the stairs with Hermione right behind them and stopped at Fred and George's room. It was cracked so they could slighty  see inside. There was a brown cat on the bed staring at Fred and George as they talked. He just arrived it's fine. Mum welcomed him and everything. The brown cat nodded and then stared at George. Fred said Get out it's time. Harry and Hermione, And Ron hid behind a chest as George went down the stairs. They then resumed spying.  There instead of a cat was a girl. A girl about the age of Fred. She had dark brown hair it almost looked black. She had green eyes and a worried expriesson on her face. It's fine he's here he's safe. said Fred The girl nodded and then Harry, Hermione, and Ron couldn't see the rest as for George came back up the stairs and through the door. What they saw they knew they probably should've not seen that.

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