Trying to Think

A girl named Eliza Brushwood, moves to Japan and meets a boy named Austin (he also moved to Japan). Austin has a secret past that Eliza is trying to find out while keeping her own past a secret. This is a thrilling story of love, lust and mystery


2. Goodbye America Hello Japan

February 7th 

Dear Daddy, 

Right now mama, Sophie, Christa, Harley and Preston are on our way to Japan to start our new lives. Grandma gave me a little vial in the shape of a heart of your ashes. I think she didn't want me to leave you all with her. I am going to miss everyone, You, Dustin, Ashlee and Morgan. But mostly you and our good memories. Well this is all I can write for now. I love you daddy!

Love your baby girl,

Eliza Marie Brushwood

We bordered plane one from Seattle, Washington to LA, California. Then we would have a 17 to 18 hour flight to Tokyo Japan. From there we would take a train to Kyoto, Japan. Lots of traveling to do with 4 younger kids.





Eliza's Picture book memories!

Harley's first airplane 

At Seattle airport February 8th 

Harley and Preston waiting for our plane to be called

Mom and Sophia on the plane from Seattle to La

Christina playing on her tablet

Plane #2 Harley and Preston waiting to get on

Christina listening to a movie and eating her dinner on our way to Japan

Sophia eating dinner 

My mom took this of me

The view was AMAZING!

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