These are just imagines I write if you want me to write some about you please put your name and which member from one direction or 5 seconds of summer. Reminder the imagines I write I don't keep the girlfriends of each member.


1. zayn imagine

Your mother was not to proud of you dating Zayn Malik. But you truly loved him. She was just worrying that he would hurt you.

"(Y/n) I love you so much" you read from your text list that Zayn texted you.

"I love you too Zayn" you texted back.Right at that moment your mom came in.

" (y/n) please don't tell me that you are texting Zayn." She said.

"Mom I don't understand why I can't be with him." You said almost crying.

" I just want to protect you..." She said right after you cut her off.

"Mom you don't have to protect me I'm not a little girl anymore."You said living the room.

"(Your full name) come back here in this instant!" She said. Chasing you to the kitchen.

"I know I have been hard on you but I am afraid that he would cheat in you because he is in a boy band and he also spends most of his time on tour and won't be able to see you." Your mom said looking at you.

"Yeah I know he would be on tour most of the time but when he asked me out he promised to always stay in contact." You said.

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