Everything Gone Wrong [§Completed§]

A girl, a best friend, and two dangerous guys..
Mae Delres and Tess Sulfid have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when the two of them meet their idols and end up dating them? Will everything go wrong? Or will their dreams come true?


11. Safe Haven..


"We better hurry then.." He says

He grabs his keys and we speed back to the house..Fuck. He left already..

"Kam, he left..Shit" I say

"We can't really do anything now..We could call the police and see what they can do." He replies

Tess's P.O.V

I've been here 2 days and he is so..Abusive I guess..I think my rib is broken, and I have a black eye along with a ton of bruises..

I'm sitting on the edge of the bed when the door opens, and in comes a drunk Ashton..Great

"Hey baby.." He says while walking over to me..

"Hi.." I say, tired and shaken..

"Why won't you call me baby? Huh! Do you not love me anymore!" He yells

"I never did.." I mumble

No. Why did I say that..Fucking retard

"What was that?" He says getting really close now..

"Nothing." I whisper

I feel a stinging sensation on my cheek. I'm very used to it..Being slapped is better then some things that he has done to me. Matter of fact, it's the only thing that he has done to me that doesn't do much damage..

"Now. What the fuck did you say?!" He yells

Gathering all the courage I manage to still have left, I got in his face..

"I said I never loved you!! Your a monster!" I yell in his face..

He smirks and slaps me again..

I fall to the floor. He kicks my stomach and drags me by my long black hair across the floor and out of the room.

"Ashton! Stop! You're hurting me!!" I yell

"Good." He says. Plainly, with no emotion.

He drags me to the bathroom, throws me in and locks the door. I'm now stuck in there with him

"Shower time. Get in" He orders

"But your in here. I'm not stripping in front of you.." I say

"You, do as I say, when I say it." He says taking a swig of his whiskey

I decided that If I didn't want a broken rib cage, I better get strippin..

He stands there and watches me the whole time..I shower quickly and grab my towel while I'm still in the shower, but with the water turned off and curtain still closed..I open the curtain and step out..

"Where are my clothes?" I ask.

"They were on the counter." I add

"Somewhere. Your gonna have to kiss me to get them.." He says smirking

Ya right. I'm not kissing 'that'..

"Please give my clothes, Ash.." I say sweetly

"Fine. Only because you called me by my nickname.." He says and lets me out of the bathroom..

I run to my room, and shut the door..I can't lock it on the inside, well because I can't. I start getting changed when he walks in.

"AHH!" I scream as I see him open the door on me

I cover myself with my towel.

"Don't worry..I just came to give you something." He says

He then throws underwear at me and walks out of the room.

"Fucking chair. Move." He swears. I assume he ran into the chair. I chuckle to myself because, it sounded so funny..

I finish getting changed and sit on my bed..After a while I realize that the door is cracked open. He forgot to shut it! Yes! I tiptoe out of the room and I look around to see if the coast is clear. Yep. I tiptoe to the front door and open it. Fucking drunks these days.. I walk out of the house with my converses and start running down the street. Its kinda warm out here. I recognize this place! It's a couple miles from my brother's mansion.. But, I have to walk. Give me a break

Mae's P.O.V

Tess has been missing for like 2 days now, and I'm getting worried. The police won't help us and I'm really pissed off..

Kam said I have to stay home until we get this settled..

I hear a knock on the door and decide to answer it..Oh my gosh..

"TESS!! I THOUGHT WE WOULD NEVER FIND YOU!!" I yell as I embrace her in a bear hug..

"I was a few miles form here..Took me a while, but I found the mansion.." She says..

I'm so happy she is back. I hope for a while..

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