Everything Gone Wrong [§Completed§]

A girl, a best friend, and two dangerous guys..
Mae Delres and Tess Sulfid have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when the two of them meet their idols and end up dating them? Will everything go wrong? Or will their dreams come true?


8. Just The Beginning.


The Next Day, Dun, Dun, Dun...


It's 2:57 in the afternoon and it's so hot outside. Tess and I decided to take advantage of that and go tanning. We sat out there for hours with our tanning lotion. We decided we should go in before we got burned. When we got inside we changed and decided that we were gonna watch a movie.. It was now 5:00 in the evening, so we decided it was a pretty good time. When the movie was over, Tess got a call from a friend.

"Mhm. Yea. Definitely. Yea. We can make it. Yup. Ok, thanks, bye."

"Who was that.?" I ask

"A friend. Get ready to par-tay!!" She says very excited

"We are going to a party!" I ask.

"No. We are gonna go play Bingo with some grannies.." She says sarcastically

"Oh..Damn." I reply laughing a bit

I pick out black skinny jeans, my converses and my hoodie.

45 Min. Later...


Tess and I arrive at the party and its so hot in here. There are sweaty, grinding bodies every where. Some people are making out and the music is blaring. Tess and I aren't even in here 5 minuets and she is gone. Great. I'm all alone, at a teenage party.. I find the kitchen and go threw the fridge to see if there is anything besides beer..Nope, just my luck..

I just find a spot on the couch and sit down and play game son my phone.. I eventually get bored and search for Tess. I spot her and she is drunk. Hammered..She is grinding on some guy so I decide to leave her, she is having fun. I sigh and go to the back porch. I sit on the railing and swing my legs over the other side.. I hear someone walk out and I feel their presence behind me. 

"Hey. Why are you out here?" He asks

"My friend is grinding on some guy in there, there is nothing else to drink except beer, and it's hot in there." I say.

"Eh. Typical high school party, the beer tastes nice." He says

I swing my legs back around so I am facing him. He is cute. He has back hair and it's in a quiff. He has a bit of a beard. 

"So what's your name?" He asks

"I'm Mae. You?" I ask him with a small smile

"Zayn. Nice meeting you." He replies

"Nice meeting you too." I say.

I can smell the beer on his breath. He is drunk..I think..I hop off the railing and go to walk back inside when my waist is grabbed and I'm pulled back

"What the hell." I say

Next thing I know I'm being pushed up against the support pole that is holding up the roof to the back porch..Zayn starts kissing my neck..

"I want you." He says

"But I don't want you. Get off me." I say and shove him off me.

He stumbles backwards and almost falls.

"Oh come on baby. I know you want to." He says coming closer.

"No I don't." I say shoving past him and back into the house.

Why does everyone like me? Jesus Christ give me a break already..

I look for Tess and with no luck, I don't find her..I decide that I might as well have fun and start dancing a bit..It got really hot in there so I had to go outside. I was sweating a bit but I didn't care. It was chilly outside..I rub my hands together and started shivering.. I saw a car pull up and thought it was someone that came for the party..I've seen that car somewhere..It looks like Luke's car..No. No. You came to have fun. Your just paranoid..

I walked back into the house and sat on the couch..I text Tess to she where she is..No reply. Not surprising. I see a guy walk in with black skinny jeans, blonde quiffed hair and..no..a..lip ring..For fucks sake, give me a break.. He sees me and I stand up and make my way threw the sweaty, grinding bodies. I look behind me and he is following me..Fuck..I start walking really fast and I go out the back and jump off the porch. I text Tess to let her know that I'm going back to the house..I start running. I look back and there he is..following right behind like a lost puppy..Need diversion..need diversion..Um..Um..

Not paying attention I trip over my own feet and fall face first into the ground..I let out a moan as my body makes contact with the ground..I quickly get up and start running again..My hand really hurts..No, the road, cars are speeding by and I have no where to go.. There is a forest to my left and a forest to my right..I don't really have much of a choice, do I..? I run into the forest and look for somewhere to hide..I climb a tree and hide...




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