Everything Gone Wrong [§Completed§]

A girl, a best friend, and two dangerous guys..
Mae Delres and Tess Sulfid have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when the two of them meet their idols and end up dating them? Will everything go wrong? Or will their dreams come true?


10. Help.


He starts kissing my neck and leaving love bites..

"I want you so badly.." He whispers in my ear

Tears fall down my cheeks very fast, like non-stop..He unzips my hoodie and opens it. He stops kissing my neck and messes with his lip ring. I think he was debating what to do with me..He looks at my face and bites his lip..

"L-Luke p-please stop." I say with shivers going down my spine..

"Sh sh sh." He says..

Tess's P.O.V

I just sit on the end of the bed..More tears fall and soon they are streaming..

"Sh sh sh..Don't cry baby..Please.." Ashton says as he walks over to me and takes his thumb wiping away the fresh tears. 

I pull away and he stands there..

"Please d-don't touch m-me" I ask and squeeze my eyes shut ready for the impact of his hand

"What the ever." He says walking out of the room and slamming the door..

Mae's P.O.V

I no longer have my jacket on and I'm shaking..For 2 reasons.

1. I'm about to be raped

2. Its cold as fuck out here

Think Mae. Think. I feel around the side of me and hit a rock. YES! I cheer in my head as I pick it up. Its not as big as I hoped but it will work..I take it in my hand and smash it onto Luke's head.

"FUCK!" Is the only thing he says before falling off me and holding the side of his head. 

I stand up not giving 2 fucks about my ankle. I grab my phone and my jacket and start running..He is following me again..He doesn't know when to stop, does he? I run back into the house and see some people are still here.. I run upstairs and accidentally walk into something I didn't want to..

"SORRY!" Ugh..I'm scarred for life..Talk about awkward..

I run into one of the rooms that is empty and hide in the closet..

"Have you seen a girl, about 5'7, silky blonde hair, black skinny jeans come through here?" Luke asks someone. He had to yell over the music

"Yea. She went upstairs. Have fun mate." They said

No no no...I can't lock the door and if I jump out of the window I'll break something..

I try to turn on my phone but it's already on? He lied.. I only got to my contacts when it beeped and died..For fuck's sake..Shit..

I hear the door open and peep out of the closet to see who it was.. Low and behold the rapist, Luke Hemmings every one..He checks under the bed and locks the window..Why did he lock the window? I try to move back a bit so he doesn't see me, but when I moved something fell. Shit..

He walks toward the closet and opens it..Hello there..Please don't kill me..

He smirks and grabs my arm pulling me out of the closet..He throws me onto the bed and hovers over me..I fight with all I have..He won..Only because he is so..Masculine..I'm truly screwed here.. He has my wrists and I can't reach anything..Just great..

"Get off of me! HELP!! HELP ME!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!" I scream

"What the hell are you doing?" Luke says 

"Trying to get away from you" I reply..

I start to struggle, a lot, like a lot..I eventually get a hand free and start hitting him.. He lets go of my other hand to try and get me to stop hitting him..I only start hitting him with my other hands.. I smack him a few time and try to shove him off my..

"SOME ONE PLEASE HELP!!" I yell again

"PLEASE HELP ME!!" I keep screaming again and again

"Shut the fuck up, Mae your going to get me in trouble." He states

"Good. That's my plan. HELP!!" I say again

Finally some guy walks in..

"Help me please! He's trying to rape me!" I yell

He runs over to me and Luke and shoves Luke off me.

"Thank you soo very much.." I grab my phone and jacket and almost sprint out of there. Wait, Tess. I need to see where she is..I can't go back in there..I just walked back to the mansion..

"KAM!! KAM WHERE ARE YOU!!" I yell as I run into the mansion.

"In the kitchen." He replies clamly

"Kam, I have bad news. Very bad news." I say rushing into the kitchen

"What happened? Is Tess okay? What's going on?!" He says

"Erm..Okay..So you know that guy Tess was dating, Ashton? Ya well they got into a fight, broke up, and now his friend Luke, which is the one I was dating, has her..Basically Luke kidnapped her while we were at the party, and came back for me..He also tried to..uh..r-rape me twice.." I say shaking

"Why didn't you guys tell me!? I could've done something. This wouldn't have happened!" He half yells

"Sorry okay!" I yell back

"Where is this Luke guy?" He asks calmly

"I think he's still at the house where we went to a party at.." I say

"We better hurry then.." He replies...


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