Somewhat Bad

I'm not normal. In fact, I'm far from it. A murderer and a thief from the moment I was able to pick up a gun. I don't kill innocent people, I kill those who try to kill me. My path suddenly crossed with an annoyingly cute boy, stupid and disobedient, but he had a smile that was able to make me forget about all the blood drawn. His lack of corruptness was what made me so interested in him, he never touched a gun, much less shot one. I wasn't going to stop myself back from making a mess upon his innocence, especially when he wasn't holding me back.

(A/N: Yes, I did just make a 1D reference over there :L )


2. Simple Introductions

It was dark, in fact, the only thing I could see was the road my headlights shined on. My pick on a hiding was easy since it was near my meant-to-be meetup.

The boy's weight was almost completely on me, making me wonder if he had somehow fallen asleep. I mean, we've been the on the road for quite sometime, but it wasn't possibly long enough for him to fall asleep. 

Sighing, I turned the next curb and parked in the dirt driveway. I managed to climb off my bike without letting him fall.

By now, he was only half-asleep. I wrapped an arm around his waist and helped him stand up.

"For fuck's sake, help me out here." I breathed out. 

As if by magic, he shook me off, rubbing his eyes and walked up the few stairs. I followed and took the job of pressing the doorbell. It took a few minutes, but the living room light finally turned on. After a few rustling, the door snapped open.

Ignoring the sharp blade pointed to my neck, I grinned.

"Hi aunt Suzie." 

"Oh, dear, how are you?" She placed the knife back into the jar on the small side table.  

"Just fine. I need a place to stay, it's too dark to travel."  I stated, clearly leaving out the small happening at the café.

She would go into mother mode and make me strip so she could check for injuries. Although it was heartwarming, it could get rather annoying.

"Who's the young lad?" She motioned, wrapping her robe tighter around her. 

The sudden image of her fighting in a robe made me want to giggle, but I held it in. 

"I don't know." I shrugged tired, glancing at him before looking back at her.

"Ravenna, are you crazy? Have you finally gone mad?" She whispered angrily.

"I can hear you both, you know." He muttered back. 

My aunts hand was set on the jars top, ready for any needed action.

"Well then, I'm sure you're capable of talking. What's your name?" She questioned. 

I turned to him, waiting for an answer as well. For all I know, he could be part of the Night Crawlers undercover. The thought made me tense up, but then again, if he wanted to kill me, he could have done that a long time ago. I forced myself to stop thinking about the possibility.

"I'm Travis." 

"They saw him, aunt Suzie." I mumbled.


I nodded confirming before walking in, leaving them both to follow me. I walked into the familiar living room and dropped my leather jacket on the couch, leaving my gun vest in view. I took that off as well and laid down. 

"You can sleep in my room, Travis." His name rolled off my tongue, leaving a sweet sensation. I wanted to smile, but they were both looking at me. 

"What kind of gentleman would that make me?" He crossed his arms before coming to me and extending a hand.

I grabbed it and let him help me up, "It wouldn't, but it would make you a normal person. Just take the offer before I change my mind." 

"Don't worry about it, go to wherever your room is, I'll be perfectly fine with a pillow and a blanket." He stated, lying down in the spot I was a second ago. 

"Actually," my aunt butted in, "Neither of you can take the couch, your older cousin is in town and he already claimed it."  

"Why doesn't he just stay in my room?" I questioned, crossing my arms.

"Only God knows what goes through that boy's mind." She shrugged.

I huffed and turned to Travis. "Come on then."

I climbed up the small staircase, two at a time, glancing over my shoulder once or twice to make sure he was behind me.

I walked up to the white door and opened it. It looked the same thing since the last time I was here. My walls were painted black, one of them had "Hopes high, head low." written on it with white letters, contrasting. My double bed had a new white comforter on it, probably something aunt Suzie fixed up. Everything was the same, and it kind of made me happy. I let out a breath and turned around.

"I'll sleep on the floor?" Travis questioned.

"If you don't mind freezing to death. This house has everything minus floor heaters, and it kills." I chuckled.

"So, I'll sleep on the bed?" He questioned with rosy cheeks.

"If you don't mind, I mean." I chuckled awkwardly. 

"Um, I don't." He smiled, taking off his jacket. His red and white baseball tee coming into view. I couldn't help but notice how it fit him perfectly, enhancing his muscles, something that had gone unnoticed until now. My face flushed and I changed my gaze, it fell on my closet and I went to open it. 

"You can take a shower in there." I said pointing to the door next to my closet. 

He nodded and entered. 

I went back to the job in hand and picked my sleep wear. A black cami and a pair of plaid pajama pants were thrown onto my bed. I took the time I had alone to twiddle with my old stuff. I missed that time, when I had no worries, when I wasn't constantly chased. After a few, the bathroom door opened, steam flooded out and Travis strolled in using nothing but a towel. He must have seen me looking, because he awkwardly shuffled on his feet.

"I don't have any clothes." 

"Oh right!" 

I quickly walked out of my room and into my aunt's bedroom, she was already sleeping, and I walked around her bed trying not to make a sound. Of course, that didn't go as planned. It didn't take long for a metal piece to be pressed to the back of my head. Sighing, I turned around to face my aunt, an incredulous expression pasting itself on her face, she put the gun away and crossed her arms. 

"For God's sake, Ravenna, what now?" 

I huffed and leaned down, searching for my cousin's, Henry, suitcase. After finding it, I grabbed a white v-neck t shirt and some boxers before answering my aunt, "Getting some clothes for Travis." 

Her gaze softened and she ushered me out of her bedroom. 

I chuckled and walked to my room. Chucking the clothes at him,  I smiled, "They should fit." 

"I'm gonna shower, ok? You can change in here." I nodded and made my way to the bathroom. Looking at the now steamless mirror, I frowned at the girl in the reflection. 

I sighed and stripped, walking into the preheated water. 

After showering and doing everything that needed to be done, I walked out, wrapping the towel around me. My gaze landed on the toilet and then on the sink, but my clothes was nowhere to be found.

"Shit." I suddenly remembered I left it out there. 

"Travis?" I muttered. When he didn't respond, I repeated but louder.

"Yeah? Everything alright?" 

"Sorta. Can you grab the clothes I left on the bed?" He wasn't even looking at me and my face and neck flushed. 

He chuckled before replying, "Sure."

I opened the door just a tad bit to fit my hand and shook it around until i grasped a soft material, a chuckled was heard and I strained my hearing to listen to him.

"That's my shirt, doofus."

I quickly let go and held my hand out for him, grabbing the clothing, I closed the door again and changed.

My hair was a wet mess and I knew it wasn't going to dry as fast as I wanted it to. With rosy cheeks, I wrapped my hair in the towel I used and walked back into my room.

Travis was already on the bed, laid on his back, twiddling with his fingers.

Hearing the door screech, he looked up. Letting out  laugh, he gave me thumbs up on the hair-do. Something I responded with a closed mouth smile.

I left both of our outfits in the hamper. mentally promising myself I would wash them both tomorrow.

I walked closer to the bed, finally giving in and laying down. My mind was racing. Am I really going to sleep in the same bed as a stranger that I just met a few hours ago? Whatever, if shit goes down, I'll just snap his neck.

"Ravenna?" He muttered catching my attention.

I turned on my side facing him, I watched as his eyes traveled down my tattooed arms before landing on my face again.

"Yeah?" I whispered back.

"What are we going to do? Who is after you... us? What's happening?" With each question, his shushed voice got rushed and harsher.

My eyebrows raised at his tone.

"First of all, calm the fuck down." I didn't mean to cuss, but, nonetheless, he let out a breath of fresh air, his tense shoulders relaxing a bit.

I smiled satisfied and continued, "We are going to protect ourselves, simple. About them, I can't tell you much, other than the fact that their called Night Crawlers, the gang, I mean. And, well, we're being chased."

He closed his eyes briefly before looking at me again.

"You did say that they were probably looking thru my records, right?"

I nodded confused.

"Doesn't that mean that they know who and where my family is?"

My eyes turned the size of flying saucers and I groaned. 

"Shit." I covered my face.

"What now?" 

"We can't just go check on them, it would take to long, we're on the other side of the city." I muttered. "And if they're there, I couldn't just walk in alone, I would die." I sighed, rubbing my face, hoping to wipe away all of my frustrations and worries. 

"I could help you." 

"Yeah, coming from a boy who never touched a gun before."

"Teach me, teach me how to hold a goddamn gun than, teach me how to fire. I want to help." 

I turned to him with curious eyes. He didn't know what he was getting himself into, something I was running away from all my life, he was willing to dive in headfirst. 

"Its dangerous." I whispered.

"One more reason for me to go with you than." 


"Your not what people say you are. A cold blooded killer. Ravenna, let me come with you, let me... let me be your sidekick." He smiled, grabbing my hand.

My grip tightened around him and I felt like I was holding onto my life for a moment. 

"Fine." I sighed.

"Yes!" He leaned forward and kissed my forehead, leaving a tingling feeling. Something I never wanted to end.

After that, he laid himself down, and was out like a light. Seconds later, so was I.

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