Somewhat Bad

I'm not normal. In fact, I'm far from it. A murderer and a thief from the moment I was able to pick up a gun. I don't kill innocent people, I kill those who try to kill me. My path suddenly crossed with an annoyingly cute boy, stupid and disobedient, but he had a smile that was able to make me forget about all the blood drawn. His lack of corruptness was what made me so interested in him, he never touched a gun, much less shot one. I wasn't going to stop myself back from making a mess upon his innocence, especially when he wasn't holding me back.

(A/N: Yes, I did just make a 1D reference over there :L )


3. Fighting The Fighter

The light shined on my face, falling especially on my eyes, making it hard to continue in the same position. I groaned and shifted, turning on my side. I shifted my hand around; making it travel to the side Travis was sleeping on. Expecting to feel him, I got nothing but emptiness.


I shot up and rubbed my eyes. Fear traveling thru my system just like my blood. My feet hit the cold wooden floor, goose bumps rising on my body. I shivered and made my way to the bathroom. My hair wrap had fallen out while sleeping and thankfully, my hair had managed to dry in that meantime. 


I splashed some water on my face and put on a hoodie that was hanging behind my bathroom door. I walked out of my room and down the stairs, conversation coming into hearing.


The view shocked me, and I leaned on the kitchen door for support. My family sat around the table and at the head of the table, sat Travis, talking and eating like he was the goddamn king. I crossed my arms and waited for somebody to notice me. As if on cue, my uncle John turned and called me out.


"Ravenna! Come and eat, your aunt Suze made her famous pancakes." He stated, stuffing his mouth with a piece of it right after. 


I chuckled and nodded, sitting down at the table. Travis shot me a smile from across, something that I gladly returned. I grabbed three pancakes and stacked them on my plate, drowning them in syrup.  


I took my time in eating, glancing at everyone a couple of times in between every few bites. By the time I was done, so was everybody else and we were all sharing friendly talk. My gaze would meet Travis's every now and then; both of us would smirk, showing each other that we noticed. 


"So, Travis, how did you and Ravenna meet?" 



"Um," he looked at me for a brief moment, noticing my frantic expression, he answered. "We met at Starbucks. I offered to pay her drink and we started talking. And then my car broke down and-"


My uncle Bobby laughed and stated, "I know a liar from afar. Now, tell me, Ravenna, how did you guys meet?" 


My Uncle Bobby was my Uncle John's twin brother, who was married to my Aunt Suzie, Henry being their son. 


I sighed and nodded, "Fine. I had a meet-up at the Starbucks a couple of hours from here, and they saw him with me, and they fired." 


"Any victims?" My cousin questioned.


"I don't know how many, I didn't have time to count." I muttered.


"Did they see his face?" He asked, again.


"Do you really think I would have brought him back here if they didn't?" I said sarcastically. The constant questioning was making me lose my temper.


"Just asking." He muttered.


I sighed and mumbled an apology under my breath. "He wants to join." I stated, trying to take the attention away from me.


His cheeks lighted up when laughter erupted in the room, a few chuckled escaped me as well, and he turned to glare. 


"Are you crazy?" My aunt chuckled.


I saw his head hang low, and I smiled, coming to the rescue.


"We don't have that much of choice than to agree. They saw his face, what more can he do?" 


He looked up gratefully before looking at everyone’s expressions.


Agreements rumbled around the room and in no time we were discussing who was going to teach him what. 


"I think Ravenna should do the fighting part." Henry smirked. 


"Ha-ha." I laughed sarcastically. "Funny story, dude." 


"Wha- why?" Travis chuckled.


"She tends to get a little touchy." Henry motioned with his hands.


I scoffed and replied, "He just says that because the last time he challenged me, I won."


Travis laughed as my cousin glared at me. I laughed as well, but then a thought popped into my head, making me turn serious in a blink of an eye. I cleared my throat, gaining everybody’s attention.


“Guys, what about his... family?” I questioned, biting my lip, anxious.


The laughter suddenly came to a halt and an unbearable silence fell within us, almost making me regret saying anything. My family looked at him with sympathetically, waiting for some sort of reaction.


“So, when are we going to check up on them?”


The doorbell interrupted any reply and Henry got up to see who it was. I mentally sighed when I saw a revolver sticking out of the back part of his pants.


We all shared curious looks as he came in with a small box in his hands. He grabbed a knife and stabbed the box, ripping it open once possible. He gave us all a questioning look before grabbing whatever was in there; a CD.


I snatched it from his grasp before hurrying over to the living room, everybody following me. I had the CD running in a matter of minutes, grabbing the remote; I sat on the couch, knees under my chin and arms wrapped around myself. Travis sat on my right side, making my ears heat up. I clicked play and watched as the black screen filled with an image that made me want to scream bloody mary.


Everybody, including Travis, let out a surprised gasp. The four were sat in what looked like wooden chairs, their faces covered with ski masks. A short, white, bald man came into view, a pretty silver gun being twirled on his index finger.


Mark.” I growled.


He laughed in the video, as if he knew what my reaction would be.


“Ravenna! How are you darling?” His sarcastic smile and black beady eyes were just enough to make me want to hit something, or better yet someone, even better if it were him. “So, how’s your little friend? Travis, isn’t it?” I looked at Travis, his jaw was set, and teeth grinding on one another, making me cringe, that must hurt.


“I just had to have a little chat with his family. You know, to see who the daughter of my enemy was hanging out with. They are all so lovely.” On cue; four of his men, all bulky and large, walked out of the sidelines and took off the masks. The first was an older man, I guessed was his father, he had a black eye and a cut on his lip. The second was a lady, probably his mother. Her hair was a mess and her cheek seemed to be swollen. The last two, their masks were yanked off at the same time. A girl around 15 and a little boy around 10, both had tear marks on their faces and seemed more angry than scared, they didn’t seem hurt, at least not from what I could see.


Travis’ breath became ragged and faster, my hand reached out for his and he gripped it as if it were his life.


“See what happens, Ravenna? Why couldn’t you be easier to deal with? Why do you have to bring innocent people into this?” He sighed dramatically; a second later a wicked grin appeared on his face. “But, you can change this! Bring me the money your father owes me by tomorrow night and nobody will be harmed. Isn’t that wonderful?” He laughed, prancing around with his short stumpy legs. He suddenly walked closer to the camera, leaving his face big and fat. The HD didn’t help; it almost seemed as if he were really there. “I’ll be waiting.” After that, the TV was left in a mess of static. I was quick to turn it off, just as Travis was quick to storm out of the room.


I looked at my family exasperated and they all quietly ushered me out of the room and after him.


“Travis?” I whispered quietly into my room.


I didn’t hear any responses but I did hear sobs. I swear, there is nothing worse than seeing a boy cry.


I sighed, and walked in further into my room. He was hunched over; his face was in the palm of his hands, elbows leaning on his knees as he sat in a crisscross manner. I walked towards him as slow as possible, almost as if I’d scare him off or something.


The second I sat on the bed, he whispered, “It’s my entire fault.”


My hand reached out to rub his back, I sighed and scooted closer, my head lying on his shaking shoulder as his body racked due to his sobs.


“No, it’s not.” I sighed.


“Yes, it is. If I had fucking done what you told me to do, you wouldn’t have to put up with me and my family wouldn’t be risking their fucking lives.” He cried, angrily.


I grabbed his face, despite his protests, and ran my fingers under his eyes, stopping the falling tears of continuing to roll down his face.


“It’s not. You didn’t know the consequences and I didn’t know you would try to pull a move on me. Just, try to stay calm.” I blurted.


He didn’t put much thought into it and turned to glare at me. “My family is being held hostage and you want me to stay calm? Okay, Ravenna, how would you feel if your parents and siblings were being threatened of being killed?” His sarcastic tone made my patience blow thru the rooftops.


“I wouldn’t know! I don’t fucking have any!”


It was complete silence after that. We were both glaring at each other, but I wasn’t the first to give in. His face softened and his arms extended themselves towards me. I was too busy processing what I had just told him to notice our proximity. His arms were around me, my own pinned down to my sides, his face nuzzled into my neck. I could feel his hot breath and it made me shiver.


“I’m sorry.” He whispered, making me come back to reality. It took me a second to finally hug him back and when I did, his grip tightened a bit. I wanted to smile but I couldn’t find the effort.


“It’s ok.” I nuzzled my face into his neck as well.


“We need to help them.” He stated, pulling back, holding me at an arm’s length.


“I know, and we’re going to. We have until tomorrow.” I spared him a small smile, but my face went back to completely blank after that.


“I know it’s not my business, but, what’s with the money?” He scratched the back of his neck, one of his antics from what I’ve noticed.


“Mark used to fabricate this drug, NP-2. At the time, he and my dad were good mates. Mark hooked my dad on some and let’s just say; things went downhill from there. My father got addicted and he would get more and more of those goddamn pills from Mark, saying that he would pay him back when he could. Mark, being one of his “friends” said it was just fucking dandy. The thing is, my dad overdosed one day, simply making it impossible to pay him back. Mark was furious, so he threatened my uncles,” I used my thumb to motion my uncles downstairs. “They didn’t have enough money to pay him back, so he killed my mother. I was only 7 at the time, an only child and then orphan.” I finished, blowing out a breath.


“That’s fucked up.” He stated eyes wide at the new information.


“I know.”


“How are we going to get the money?”


I chuckled. “Oh, honey, we're not.”


He looked at me questionably, “Then how are we-“


“We're going to ambush those fuckers and make them pay. They're going to pay for putting a 7 year old in misery.” I glared at the wall.


Travis looked at me pointedly.


“And for taking away your family, of course.” I rushed to correct myself.


He nodded and rubbed his hands together. “Let’s do this shit.”

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