2. Chapter Two

Chapter 2



         (Next Day) -Justin’s Point of View-



For the past 6 months I’ve planned out my plan for revenge on the men that killed my mother. I didn’t know how any of this would turn out but I hoped that at the end of all of this they would be dead.


         I had a disconcerting feeling about this though. Mainly because it was so unknown, I didn’t know what would happen or even if all this could backfire on me. That’s the one thing that scares me the most.


“Justin?” Jazzy, my 16-year-old sister whispered. She stood in the doorframe.


“What?” I muttered.


“Can I talk to you? Please?” her voice sounded just like my mothers.


Everything about Jazzy reminded me so vividly of my mom. The way she talks, laughs. Hell, she even looks like her. She’s my mother’s spitting image.


I avoided talking to her or even being around her for those reasons.


“No.” I spat.


“Justin please, I-”


I stopped her midsentence.




“Justin..” her voice grew weak.


I bit down harshly on my jaw trying to contain my anger.


“Leave Jazzy.”


She sluggishly turned away.


I felt some sort of resentment in sending her away, the way I did but I had my reasons.


I stood up grabbing a box from the top shelf of my closet; opening it I took out the gun that was placed inside. I tucked it into the waste band of my jeans and pulled my shirt over it to hide it.


I jogged downstairs and walked out the house, getting in the car I thought what I was about to do. I’m starting off with Nathan Carter, but before I kill him, I’m going to kill his mother first. I’m going after all of their families first, and when I’m done with all of the people closest to them, I’ll finish them off.


Id be much more satisfied knowing that they feel the pain I feel daily.


He took part in killing my mother and now I’m going to execute his.


I put my car in drive, my hand tightened around the steering wheel as the flashbacks come to mind. The past 6 months have been nothing but hell for me. It seemed like everyone has moved on with their lives and found peace.


And then there’s me, still holding on to the past and seeking revenge.


The only way I see myself being happy again is if I get revenge. Even if that leaves me standing in a courtroom hearing how many years I have to-life or even a death sentence or even having to be held captive in the state penitentiary. But to be quite honest, at the end of all of this who knows how many lives I’ll take.


(Lauren's Point of View)


Here I am, once again sitting in my room in my room with nothing to do. I find it incredible how boring my life really is. God knows how much I pray for a more adventurous life.


I thought about that guy Justin all day and all night. There was something about him that was so intriguing, something about his promising smile that left me wanting to know more. I needed to know more.


I snapped out of my gaze when I heard a pounding on my door.


“What?” Irritation coated my voice.


“Can you please take me to practice?” Jessica asked me.




Every once in a while when my mom doesn’t feel like taking my sister to practice-actually anywhere she makes me take her. But there wouldn’t be a need for that if Jessica would learn how to drive.


Told you my life was boring.





(Justin’s Point of View)


I parked outside the house; I looked around making sure no one was around. I got out preparing my self for what I was about to do. I went up to the back door and to my advantage it was unlocked. Good, less time that I would’ve had to do picking the lock.


I leisurely creped in and looked around trying to stay aware of my surroundings. I think she, his mother, was here alone. Perfect.


I peeked around the corner and there she was, sitting alone watching TV. I pulled out the gun pointing it in her direction. I cleared my throat trying to make my presence known. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard me. She slowly stood up.


“Who are you?” Her voice shook with fear.


“You’re son killed my mother around a year ago.”


She closed her eyes and sighed. And in that moment she remembered who I was.


“You thought the last time you would see me was in that courtroom, huh? You were wrong sweetheart.” I taunted.


“Please don’t kill me.” She begged for mercy but God couldn’t help her.


I laughed coldly.


“Its funny you say that, because I guarantee you that my mother begged you’re son not to kill her. But you and I both know how that turned out.”


Her shoulders shook as she cried hysterically.


“It’s a shame, you actually seem like a great person. I wish I could say the same for you’re son. I hate that I have to do this to you but you know what they say, karma’s a bitch.”


I raised the gun once again.


“Well, it was nice knowing you.”


I pulled the trigger shooting her a total of three times in the chest.


I smirked, satisfied by the job.


She was the first on my list but certainly not the last.


This is just the start.





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